Keywords and Million Thanks Nuffnang ;)

June 22, 2010

Hello guys!How's your day and weekend. Mine not bad. Now only I've got the mood to update. Lately, I'm just sit around either studying, watching movies or shopping. Blogging? Nah until this point.

Since, it's been a long time I 'examined' my nuffnang account so I logged in and checked. I usually like to check the keywords. How, sometimes those keywords don't make any sense. Yup, it can be treated as one of the option to make yourself laugh.

Exam tips huh? Er, I never mentioned about any tips specifically for exams. Maybe once or twice I've blogged about exams. SPM English tips? Sorry SPM candidates, I'm not the one who make your exam questions. I'm just a student who also struggling for my exams every semester. Yeah, one thing I want to ask, is that really difficult until you need to google about SPM tips? C'mon guys, just study and u'll be fine. SPM not that tough. Tough is only happened once you entered campus life. And don't depends on tips 100%. It'll never work ;)

Anyway, this thought crossed my mind, maybe I should stop posting any exam related topics or else it would be more and more people searching exam tips in my blog. LOL!

And to all my readers across any borders, thank you for reading my craps. I admit I do blog about crappy things. Thanks for the traffic too. Hihi! Luv ya guys! =)

Oh, before I forgot, I've checked my email and found this!! *excited mode*

Haha! Actually it was just for fun. Saje-saje try but then maybe got lucky somehow, I've won for Day 47. But haven't picked up the prizes yet. Anyway, thanks Nuffnang and Project Alpha S2 ;)

p/s: I'll update on latest movies I've watched later.

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