How U Define Your Relationship.

June 12, 2010

Random Question About Relationship. Taken from one of tumblr's post.

1) The date you have declared with your first couple?
Hmmm... tak ingat la benda ni.. seriously. Ingat 22/5/2007 je =)))

2) What you do when you missed your bf/gf?
Usually, I texted him/called him.. simply said I miss him la kan.. haha.

3) Do you trust your couple 100%?
My trust for him can't be measured with percentage. Let's just say, I do trust him. tq =)

4) How's your first date?
Simple but sweet. LDR (long distance relationship) makes us appreciate the dates which we rarely have. ;)

5) Is your partner can make you feel good when u're down?
Oh, he's really good at this. Pandai ek pujuk2 ni..haha

6) Your reaction if your bf/gf finished all his/her credit for someone else?
That someone else depends. If family, I don't mind at all. But as far as I know for all the years I'm with him, he only finished his credit for me. =)

7) What are you going to do when your besties have relationship with your ex?
Haha.. so what? I don't even care. She will always remains as my besties. Ex is still an ex. Haha!

8) Will you call your bf/gf if been asked?
Tak suruh pun I call..especially nk suh die bangun tido.. muahahaha =)

9) Your reaction when your bf still contact his ex?
For what??? I don't like the idea. Full stop.

p/s: My relationship, sweet and simple, not entirely perfect but real and it makes me feel truly happy =)

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