Disastrous Trip to M,,,

June 03, 2010

Saturday, 29th May.

I woke around 8 a.m because we (my family and I) supposed to go for our trip early. Besides, a lot need to be settle once we reached our destination. So, once everyone ready, we hit the road. So, ayah went to fill up his tank (eh, I mean the car's tank). Shorten the story, the worker at the station didn't even asked what's fuel my dad wants. He simply assumed it's 95, instead of 97. Almost full, then only my dad realized it's the wrong fuel. And, with mama shouting at the pump attender, it's chaos a bit. Haih! What a starting peak for my day!

Breakfast at the usual place, so nothing happened. Already full, everyone jumped into the car and ayah hits the pedal. Until, my brother said he left his phone at the place, Haish.. budak ni. At that moment, we already out from Klang!

1 hour later.
At Nilai-Seremban highway already. Everything started to calm down until a point when a crazy driver followed our car really close, And he only drives MyVI, C'mon dude, if u hit my dad's car, yours would be worse. Again, story shorten, his car released some sort of asap hitam dekat ekzos. Haha! Padan muka kau!

12.48 pm
Finally reached the place. Around 2o minutes, take "tour" at the town to search for my brother's future living place. Settled his whatever documents for renting the place, we help him to carry his things up to his unit.

230 p.m
Time to find the hotel we booked. Ayah keep on driving but still we ended up a the same place after 1hour later. Tired of the situation we decided to go for lunch. Yela, dah lapar semua orang rasa nak marah. Even myself! haha.

Almost 4 pm
Finished our lunch at Tesco in M town. Mama think we should just continue buy my brother's stuff since we already in Tesco. So, shopping for a while, then I realized it's almost 515 pm. We have NOT found the hotel yet! Panic? Not just yet.

530pm - 735 pm
The same thing happening. We kept on go merry-go-round on the same streets. The sign boards are only halfway. You know, the first few streets, you see all the sign boards. The next street, suddenly it disappears. It's confusing. We used GPS, called the hotel for directions but still no luck.

Final call, asked dad's friend to help. He agreed. So, while waiting for him, me and my sister snap some pics. Boring okay dan sangat2 penat after hours in the car.

blur so x nampak la sgt.. sorry!

Red buildings,
A ship in the middle of town,
Jonker Street,

Yeah, we lost for 5 hours in a state as small as Malacca and we had been there more than twice. All because we try to find the hotel which is in Melaka Raya. A new place, which its name written on a very small sign board. Outsiders, like us would be in a real trouble, if my dad's friend not there.

Finally, something nice, seafood, near the sea at Portuguese Village.

Sunday, 30th May
Sent my brother for his registration at MMU and gosh it took hours. Then, finally, time to go to his apartment and long queue in front of every lift. Dad said, "jom la naik tangga", We climbed up until... 15th floor. At 3 pm, everything settled and it's time for us to go back. With a relief, I smiled but with a lot of joint pain. Yup, I'm young but 15 floors.. arghhh! Until now it still hurt a bit.

What a trip!!

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