Blogspot New Features Similar to Tumblr's?

June 11, 2010

I logged in this morning and saw something new on my dashboard. I guess every blogger (active ones especially, noticed it too). Yeah, the design features tu kan? Actually I kept on playing with it.

click at the template designer, and you'll have this..

Seriously, all the backgrounds catch my eyes. Lastly, I decided not to changed anything. Not yet actually since baru jugak kan tuka my blog looks. hihi =)

But, I've seen this features somewhere else.Yeah.. tumblr. No no! I'm not saying blogspot copying tumblr things but it looks almost similar.

its features looks like the same. but of course not 100%

What I like about tumblr???
It gives credit to its rightful owner. Thanx to the reblogged features.
Have hell lot of cute pics, quotes etc
More like scrapbook of my life

p/s: Okay, I need to practice my French. The BF asked to speak in French this Sunday. (yeah right.. macam tak je) HAHAHA =) Bubbye!

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