Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Makes You A Malaysian?

Disclaimer: It's not a politic post (lucky I'm not interested in that area). It's just a FORWARD email I've got recently from a friend.

1. A young Malaysian can named all the players from top EPL club, but to name any Malaysian football player, he'll look lost.

2. When toll prices increased, there'll be complaints. So it'll be when fuel prices increased. Starbucks coffee = RM 10 and above, no complaints.

3. You are always late. The typical excuse : a) traffic jam b) no transport c) cannot find parking.

4. You have parents who asked you to be in science stream at school, study engineering at university and after graduate, asked to do commerce/finance and forget everything you learned for the past 4/5 years of miserable courses.

5. Every year on 30th April, you are one of the people queuing to submit your tax return to the IRB.

6. When foreigner kisses you on the cheek to say hello, you be very happy. When a Malaysian guy did that, he'll get a slap on his face. That's for sure. Assuming you're a girl.

7. When you went shopping and there is no parking, you'll complaint when you have to walk very far. When you go inside a shopping mall and there's sale, running from one end to the other end, it's not a problem and finally, no complaint! ;p

p/s: It's not applicable to all. =)

Image: Mr Google.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Storyteller 1

Sunshine rays pour down his face. He woke up lazily. Sleepyhead. He sits near the window and sipping his morning coffee. That is his usual. Nothing changed and apparently, nothing new. Somehow, he always loves this place. He finds comfort that none can give.

He started to rewind his life. Exactly 5 years back. How life is so simple, without backstabbing friends, no real responsibility and, endless problems, definitely nada. He used to laugh so hard until his eyes watered. He used to take everything easy. Oh, no easy not the word, take for granted would be precise. And that is the cost he has to pay now.

Stop. He now comes back to reality. He lit on another cigarette, hoping it would erase the mistakes he made years ago. ‘Who am I kidding’, his monologue seemed to echo in the room. History cannot be erased.

Now, his mind hit the button forward. ‘Take me to 5 years from now’, his mind demanded. He sees the same room, the same things, the same person but only graying hair and more wrinkles on the forehead.

This cannot be happening. It has to stop. Putting off his cigarette, he quickly got up. Perhaps, he now found his way back.

Play your life well. Pause when you see uncertainties. Stop when you did wrong. And move forward. One thing, don’t rewind back.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keywords and Million Thanks Nuffnang ;)

Hello guys!How's your day and weekend. Mine not bad. Now only I've got the mood to update. Lately, I'm just sit around either studying, watching movies or shopping. Blogging? Nah until this point.

Since, it's been a long time I 'examined' my nuffnang account so I logged in and checked. I usually like to check the keywords. How, sometimes those keywords don't make any sense. Yup, it can be treated as one of the option to make yourself laugh.

Exam tips huh? Er, I never mentioned about any tips specifically for exams. Maybe once or twice I've blogged about exams. SPM English tips? Sorry SPM candidates, I'm not the one who make your exam questions. I'm just a student who also struggling for my exams every semester. Yeah, one thing I want to ask, is that really difficult until you need to google about SPM tips? C'mon guys, just study and u'll be fine. SPM not that tough. Tough is only happened once you entered campus life. And don't depends on tips 100%. It'll never work ;)

Anyway, this thought crossed my mind, maybe I should stop posting any exam related topics or else it would be more and more people searching exam tips in my blog. LOL!

And to all my readers across any borders, thank you for reading my craps. I admit I do blog about crappy things. Thanks for the traffic too. Hihi! Luv ya guys! =)

Oh, before I forgot, I've checked my email and found this!! *excited mode*

Haha! Actually it was just for fun. Saje-saje try but then maybe got lucky somehow, I've won for Day 47. But haven't picked up the prizes yet. Anyway, thanks Nuffnang and Project Alpha S2 ;)

p/s: I'll update on latest movies I've watched later.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Makes Me Stayed Up Late

Morning people! I really don't have the idea to blog about anything. It's the second week of my semester but not that busy. So, let's just talk about new movies and some good music shall we?

I've watched Killers last Sunday. The movie was okay. Just okay which means not that awesome as the its rating claimed it be. At some point in the movie, it's kind of boring. Luckily I do not fall asleep during the movie since I watched the morning show. Yup, orang takde keje je tengok wayang pagi-pagi. I just quoted the boyfriend's word ;p

Anyway, about the movie, 3/5 perhaps. Although I'm not a fan of Ashton's (unlike most girls who sees this movie because of him) but I love Katherine Heigl!! =)

So, now let's moved on to the next movie on my have-watched list. The Backup Plan..which if I'm not mistaken have not yet been on the cinemas. So where did I watched it, only I know. hehe! Romantic comedy and seriously it's hilarious! That guy kinda cute too..haha! I prefer this one especially when you're not in the mood or simply want to relax. =)

Well, some videos of my most played songs on my MP3...

why is One Republic singles are so damn good?? ;)

So, Au Revoir!!

p/s: Another music I prefer, The Fray. Well, can guess my type of music now? haha

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How U Define Your Relationship.

Random Question About Relationship. Taken from one of tumblr's post.

1) The date you have declared with your first couple?
Hmmm... tak ingat la benda ni.. seriously. Ingat 22/5/2007 je =)))

2) What you do when you missed your bf/gf?
Usually, I texted him/called him.. simply said I miss him la kan.. haha.

3) Do you trust your couple 100%?
My trust for him can't be measured with percentage. Let's just say, I do trust him. tq =)

4) How's your first date?
Simple but sweet. LDR (long distance relationship) makes us appreciate the dates which we rarely have. ;)

5) Is your partner can make you feel good when u're down?
Oh, he's really good at this. Pandai ek pujuk2 ni..haha

6) Your reaction if your bf/gf finished all his/her credit for someone else?
That someone else depends. If family, I don't mind at all. But as far as I know for all the years I'm with him, he only finished his credit for me. =)

7) What are you going to do when your besties have relationship with your ex?
Haha.. so what? I don't even care. She will always remains as my besties. Ex is still an ex. Haha!

8) Will you call your bf/gf if been asked?
Tak suruh pun I call..especially nk suh die bangun tido.. muahahaha =)

9) Your reaction when your bf still contact his ex?
For what??? I don't like the idea. Full stop.

p/s: My relationship, sweet and simple, not entirely perfect but real and it makes me feel truly happy =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogspot New Features Similar to Tumblr's?

I logged in this morning and saw something new on my dashboard. I guess every blogger (active ones especially, noticed it too). Yeah, the design features tu kan? Actually I kept on playing with it.

click at the template designer, and you'll have this..

Seriously, all the backgrounds catch my eyes. Lastly, I decided not to changed anything. Not yet actually since baru jugak kan tuka my blog looks. hihi =)

But, I've seen this features somewhere else.Yeah.. tumblr. No no! I'm not saying blogspot copying tumblr things but it looks almost similar.

its features looks like the same. but of course not 100%

What I like about tumblr???
It gives credit to its rightful owner. Thanx to the reblogged features.
Have hell lot of cute pics, quotes etc
More like scrapbook of my life

p/s: Okay, I need to practice my French. The BF asked to speak in French this Sunday. (yeah right.. macam tak je) HAHAHA =) Bubbye!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mentaliti Clerks!

Penat sangat hari ni even I've got only one class. Have I told you this semester the earliest class start at 12 noon? Haha.. Yeay! I like it since I'm not a morning person. Hihi ;) I've purposely arranged my time table that way. Genius kan.. haha!

It started all because of the credit transfer thing. I want to do it for the Islamic Studies subject, since I've took agama masa matrix and it turned out to be it's equivalent with IS kat mmu ni. My mistake I did not do it during my first year. I just did the credit transfer for MUET at that time. So, shorten the story, I went back to Klang yesterday to get my certified matrix transcript.

This morning, I woke up around 7, get ready everything, by 9 I hit the road. Sampai je mmu, my god, the queue is too long. In my head, korang takde kelas ke ek, dok gi menghadap akak-akak fakulti tu watpe (padahal, sendiri nak cepat..haha). Okay, wait for a while, then comes my turn. So, I showed my form and transcript.

Akak Faculty a.k.a clerk : Oh, budak matrix ek?*frowning*. Ni boleh ke credit transfer agama ni? Syllabus mane?

Me: *watthe..(dlm hati aku la kan)* Haah, saye matrix. Syllabus ape ek? Mane ade dah.. saye pun dah lame abes matrix.

Akak Faculty a.k.a clerk: Camtu kena gi tanya matrix la camne. Akak tak tahu.

Me: *tahan diri sendiri from raising my voice*. Masalahnye kat list ni cakap leh transfer. Nape tak tahu pulak? Saye ni ade lagi 1 sem je pastu kena gi internship. Saya tengok the next subjek ni offer june next year. Masa tu saya takde dah kat sini.

Akak Faculty a.k.a clerk: Yang tu masalah awak. Tapi akak memang tak sure la. Awak try la macam mana pun cari syllabus dulu baru akak proceed.

Me: Semalam saya datang akak cakap lain, hari ni lain pulak. Takpe lah, saya gi cari gak syllabus tu, saya call jap matriks saya. Skang saya nk dean list cert saye je. Yang tu boleh kan akak?

...Haha! I purposely asked her to find my DL certs. Yela, very rude sangat so saje la kan suh die gi korek2 file cari certs aku dari duduk relax marah-marah student lain. Muahahaha!

After that, I went up to my room, search KMNS website. Fuh~ Luckily ade syllabus tu kat page matrix. Around 3 o'clock submit the whole thing. Finish!

Tapi one thing kan, banyak kali la actually encountered this kind of problem. I mean clerk's mentality. Tolong la, you are dealing with people, please be polite. Yes, I am a student, I'm younger than you, but still one day I might be your boss. Hahaha! Okay, tipu la kan, I'm accounting student, but the point is, be polite. ;)

Their day!

lapanyeeee!! haha..

It's 10th June, so

Dear Sabrina Halim,
I've known u since we were 7,
We had our good times,
Plus our 'fights',
We gossip about shopping, movies, crushes (dulu2 la kan) ;p
Hope our 15 years of friendship lasts.
I wish u a lots of happiness & success!

ur BFF


Dear dad,
I used to be scared of you when I was little,
Now, it turned out to be the opposite,
U're a good advisor, excellent story teller, best joker ;)
To compared with others,
I'm lucky to have u as my dad.

Happy 47th birthday!
And stop telling other people that u're 50 years old.. haha.

ur cute daughter..hihi ;p

So.. here is he...

p/s: Sab, I xde latest pic u. Sorry :(

Monday, June 07, 2010

Orang-Orang Annoying kat Shopping Mall

Lately, since I always went out shopping, I've noticed these people at the mall which annoyed me. Bila tengok rasa menyampah je. Not that I want to offend anyone but seriously, I can't help rolling my eyes every time I encountered all these kind of people. So, u guys wanna know what kind of people I'm talking about?

1) Orang yang pakai sunglasses/shades kat dalam mall tu.

Hah! lebih kurang cam dalam pic tula. Even you want to be fashionable, but please at the right place. Panas ke dalam Jusco tu nk pakai2 shades sume? Yela, not my right pun kan nak cakap ape2 but still cam menyampah je tengok. Especially, yang memang tak reti-reti nak bukak shades tu. Kalau tengok wayang pakai gak ke? haha. Ade sekali ni, sorang budak ni nak naik escalator tu but then, suddenly her legs tripped over something. Guess what, she's wearing shades. One piece of advice, don't be a fashion victim.

2) Not properly covered up.
I've seen this one woman, (more macam makcik la kot) wearing shawl if I'm not mistaken, but then let her hair fall down on her forehead. Purposely. I think she's got the idea from one of Malaysia's artist (not gonna say who). Enough said, pakai la elok-elok kalau nak. Kalau tak, tak payah la kan pakai. For me, kalau dah macam tu sama je, pakai ke tak.

Another one, pakai tudung, fitted short sleeves shirt+skinnh jeans. ????? Ape benda macam tu. Macam minah rempit mane je! Yang tua or muda sama je kalau tengok. So, decides first whether you're ready or not to properly dressed up.

3) Guys carrying girlfriends' handbags.

Urghh.. please la dude. Jangan la sampai macam tu nak jadi gentleman (konon la kan). Every time I went out for a date with my boyfriend, I don't ask him to carry my handbag (my shopping bags takpe..hehe). Tak tau la, tapi nampak cam x best je korang sibuk-sibuk bawakkan handbag tu. Tolong pegangkan jap takpela, ni sampai dah duduk dalam wayang still handbag tu kat the guy's lap..haih. Sorry to say, I like my man to be gentleman not 'gentle' ;)

New semester, new room. But still the same good friends ;)

The result was okay. Need to make a little bit improvement to maintain my CGPA. Final year it is, still it's not an end yet, still have chances, and I'll make sure I grab all.

image: Mr Google.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

5 Famous Horror Movies Icons!

Lately, asyik tengok wayang je sampai boleh dah xde movie yang boleh tengok. Haha! So, this entry is again saje-saje je. Those with weak heart, just skip this one ek? ;)
Top 5 horror movie icons, based on my list la kan.

Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street

Damien Thorn, The Omen

Michael Myers, Halloween

Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th

So......... which is one more? Movie tu is Chucky, but still nak letak pic chucky tu kat sini menakutkan la pulak. It creeps me out!

And movie apa korang dah tengok ek? I mean latest ones ;)

I've watched Prince of Persia and today Shrek 4! haha.. tu aje nak citer. Okay la, nak pack barang nak balik MMU for sem baru..hihi.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Everything is Numbered!

9 lasts
cigarette - never have/ never will
♥ beverages - teh ais =)
♥ kiss - .... haha
♥ hug- erm... ;)
♥ movie seen - jap nak ingat..last week.. Prince of Persia!
♥ CD played - my own mix
♥ song listened - Let's Fall in Love Again, Jason Castro

8 Have you evers
♥ dated one of your best friends? - erm.. nope!
♥ skinny dipped? - oh no!
♥ kissed somebody and regretted it? - again la tak!
♥ fallen in love? - I have and still am ;)
♥ lost someone you loved? - yup
♥ been drunk and threw up? - i don't drink.
♥ kissed in a vehicle? - ......

7 places/states you've been to
♥ Recently, Malacca
♥ Bukit Tinggi
♥ Cameron Highlands
♥ Fraser Hills
♥ Dad's hometown, Perak
♥ PD, N.9
♥ My own home? haha

6 things you've done today
♥ Showered
♥ Laundry
♥ Help my dad with something
♥ Kemas bilik. hahaha!
♥ Still searching for the video cam.. hmmm
♥ Updating this blog ;p

5 favourite things in no order
♥ Movies
♥ Shopping
♥ Eating
♥ Novels preferably english ;)
♥ My gadgets

4 people you last talked to
♥ Ayah
♥ Shah
♥ the sisters
♥ the waiter amek order kat kedai tadi tu..haha

3 wishes
♥ be with him forever, happily
♥ excel in everything I do
♥ my family be happy always

2 things you want when you grow up
♥ get married and have a family
♥ tranquility and happiness

1 things you've regret
♥ my rebellious attitude during my teens years! ;(

p/s: I'm bored. tu je sebenarnye..haha!

it’s now 3 years 7days, i like the way we are, we do make a good team, honey. i love you <3 always. you are a good memory. thanx for the ring, love.  (via kabople)

Suka pic ni! hehe. a memory. yes u are. a sweet one ;)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Disastrous Trip to M,,,

Saturday, 29th May.

I woke around 8 a.m because we (my family and I) supposed to go for our trip early. Besides, a lot need to be settle once we reached our destination. So, once everyone ready, we hit the road. So, ayah went to fill up his tank (eh, I mean the car's tank). Shorten the story, the worker at the station didn't even asked what's fuel my dad wants. He simply assumed it's 95, instead of 97. Almost full, then only my dad realized it's the wrong fuel. And, with mama shouting at the pump attender, it's chaos a bit. Haih! What a starting peak for my day!

Breakfast at the usual place, so nothing happened. Already full, everyone jumped into the car and ayah hits the pedal. Until, my brother said he left his phone at the place, Haish.. budak ni. At that moment, we already out from Klang!

1 hour later.
At Nilai-Seremban highway already. Everything started to calm down until a point when a crazy driver followed our car really close, And he only drives MyVI, C'mon dude, if u hit my dad's car, yours would be worse. Again, story shorten, his car released some sort of asap hitam dekat ekzos. Haha! Padan muka kau!

12.48 pm
Finally reached the place. Around 2o minutes, take "tour" at the town to search for my brother's future living place. Settled his whatever documents for renting the place, we help him to carry his things up to his unit.

230 p.m
Time to find the hotel we booked. Ayah keep on driving but still we ended up a the same place after 1hour later. Tired of the situation we decided to go for lunch. Yela, dah lapar semua orang rasa nak marah. Even myself! haha.

Almost 4 pm
Finished our lunch at Tesco in M town. Mama think we should just continue buy my brother's stuff since we already in Tesco. So, shopping for a while, then I realized it's almost 515 pm. We have NOT found the hotel yet! Panic? Not just yet.

530pm - 735 pm
The same thing happening. We kept on go merry-go-round on the same streets. The sign boards are only halfway. You know, the first few streets, you see all the sign boards. The next street, suddenly it disappears. It's confusing. We used GPS, called the hotel for directions but still no luck.

Final call, asked dad's friend to help. He agreed. So, while waiting for him, me and my sister snap some pics. Boring okay dan sangat2 penat after hours in the car.

blur so x nampak la sgt.. sorry!

Red buildings,
A ship in the middle of town,
Jonker Street,

Yeah, we lost for 5 hours in a state as small as Malacca and we had been there more than twice. All because we try to find the hotel which is in Melaka Raya. A new place, which its name written on a very small sign board. Outsiders, like us would be in a real trouble, if my dad's friend not there.

Finally, something nice, seafood, near the sea at Portuguese Village.

Sunday, 30th May
Sent my brother for his registration at MMU and gosh it took hours. Then, finally, time to go to his apartment and long queue in front of every lift. Dad said, "jom la naik tangga", We climbed up until... 15th floor. At 3 pm, everything settled and it's time for us to go back. With a relief, I smiled but with a lot of joint pain. Yup, I'm young but 15 floors.. arghhh! Until now it still hurt a bit.

What a trip!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How to Fail with Dignity?

I once heard this term when I was in form 4 or 5. I can't remember. That day, my classmates and I got our Add Maths exam papers back. So, one of my friend failed with her mark is ranged from 30-40. But she said, it's okay, I failed with dignity. I thought, how so? For me, fail is still fail. You got red in your report card. But I kept quiet. For her, people who failed lower than her range should be more embarrassed thus, she has more dignity than those people.

Ade ke camtu pulak? dah fail, fail la kan. =p

So, I've got this email from Nisa, my roommate, you should take a look. It's funny. Seriously.

really? jawapan semua mcm orang tak pergi skola je. especially the last one! haha

p/s: don't try this on your final exams. ;)