Summers Love

May 22, 2010

Warning: This entry may be lengthy and mushy!

May 2006

She studies quietly in her room. But keep on glanced at the hand phone screen, hoping for something that would not happen. That’s when she decided to put everything behind especially the broken heart.

Then, a text received from an unknown number. The number she saw a few times from missed call a few nights before. But she ignored all of them because they were just missed calls from person that she did not know. Then, she opened the text…

Unknown: May I borrow the lab chemistry lab report?

She: Who are you?

Unknown: One of your classmates. “I’m ……….”

She: Oh, okay.

As promised, she waited at the place they supposed to meet. She actually did not recognize this guy in her class. Maybe it’s only been a week there. And don’t know how he looks like. Without even looking at him, she passed the report. And that was it. As the weeks passed, only few words were spoken to each other. Both don’t even know why. Maybe simply because of shyness. He likes her and she definitely crushing for him. But, again, she did stupid mistake by choosing jerk over a nice guy.

May 2007

A year had passed. Of course now she knows how this guy looked like. She noticed everything about this guy. And yes, he definitely cute in her eyes and she knows he is a very nice guy. Secretly, she likes him. But, she knows it is impossible to be with him. She has somebody else and so does he. But, with problems in each other relationships and break-ups, without even knowing it, they become close.

Yes, it is in this month they choose to be in each other’s life. It is something unexpected yet both of them should just be together a year ago. For her, this changed her entire life to be better. And yes, she absolutely found her Mr Right.

May 2010

Dear Shah Rizal,

From an unknown person, you are now my prince charming. When 4 years ago, I hardly speak a word to you but now it is impossible for me to even keep quiet around you. There would always be so many stories I wanted to share with you. But you still do make me blush every time you look at me for a long time.

After 3 years being with you, it still feels amazing. You know me well enough. You treat me better than any other guy ever did. I feel really comfortable and safe around you. You simply the best of all and yes, you are the right one for me. It would not matter to me if you’re getting fatter or darker Honey, I still love you. I always will.

Your love, Aiza.

Happy 3 years

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