School Life vs Campus Life

May 25, 2010

This entry specially made for my brother who'll be going to MMU Melaka to further his studies in Diploma Accountancy (sibuk je ikot amek course aku..haha) since he rejected UITM offer. Before that, congrats! ;)

aku menyampah tol la buat muke cacat mcm tu! ;P

Okay, the differences and similarities are based on my years in Matrix and MMU Cyber. So, maybe, my points are lacking somewhere.

What are those things that make campus life = school life?

- Exams. Of course, what's the purpose u go study when this thing don't exist.

- Books and stationery. Like in school, every year, u would buy new pen, pencils, fancy notebooks (budak pompuan la ni kan) etc. The same thing in university except u need to buy different books every semester (like me, 3 semester, so do the math)

- Shopping for clothes. The only different is that, now for campus, u'll buy new tops, jeans, cardigan, shirts, pumps, heels, shawls (haha.. these are like my items to-buy for next sem)

Differences would be:

-You don't have to wear uniform. Definitely la.. if u do that, people would probably give u some kind of look.

- You don't have to called that person teaching in front "teacher.. teacher" (euww.. I don't even do that in school.. cam ngade2 ok budak yang mcm ni)

- You definitely have more freedom. Of course, flexible hours of classes. Like me, I can select the subjects which I feel that i'll going to love it and switch the subject I don't like to other semester. Haha. And my final year (3 semesters) and that's starting next sem, I have less than 10 subjects.. yeay! ;)

- You live on your own (either hostel/apartment). I used to live off-campus during my first and second year. But for third and final year.. hostel la.. senior kan senang dapat tempat..haha. Oh yes, when u live on your own, u tend to be more independent compared when u were at home.

- Not all 100% marks would be based on your exam. My course 65% final and 35% coursework. So, u can get two chances to score. I usually focus to score on coursework during early of the sem. Towards the end of sem, struggle for final. Just like that. (oh no, I revealed my strategy..haha)

- Not a very good one, friends which I've made at university cannot be compared with friends I've made during school and matrix. This is just personal view okay, people at university are more individualistic. Yes, not all but most! At school, u have this clique, at university, u would also have a clique, but the clique would eventually become smaller towards your graduating day.

- Finally, the exam grades. You'll have your GPA and CGPA each semester. Kat skola dulu memang takde la kan.. ;p

So, best of luck little brother! (geli je cakap mcm ni) haha

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