OMG! I've Found Twin to the Jonas!

May 26, 2010

When I first heard this song on the radio, seriously I thought another song by Jonas brothers. So, I don't bother to search on you tube. Then, yesterday when I saw the top40 chart on website, this guy's name caught my eyes. That's when I found his official VC of his single.

He kind of sound like the Jonas brothers kan? But I don't know which one of the brothers since I'm not their fans. Tak suka pop stars yang nyanyi cam nak tak nak je kua suara! Haha! But I like this song especially it's not sing by the Jonas. SO, his name is Jason Castro, from the American Idols. Which season eh? See, I don't give attention to that details, if I listen and I like, that's when they would be on my playlists. hihi! I don't watched American Idols, so I don't follow what's going on. AF?? memang lagi la tak tengok. Sorry AF's die hard fans, I've got other better things to do than watch that thing.

Why why is his hair like that?! Minus one point..haha

I think there are many singers by the name Jason right? Jason Mraz, Jason Castro, Jason Derulo and the list goes on.. Jason Chong? *clueless*.. oh, my mistake, that's I think would be my course mate.. haha!

p/s: I think he looks like Nick Jonas too. (or is it Joe? arghh.. so hard to remember their names)

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