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May 19, 2010

Last Saturday I watched movie. Today, I went to the cinema again. Talking about too much free time kan? haha. But, seriously, there are quite a number of movies which I considered as worth watching.

I watched this with the boyfriend on Saturday. So, officially it was his choice ;p I don't expect it to involved story about France and England war. I thought it is the typical Robin Hood, you know, the Robin we used to read in our kindergarten books. But one conclusion, the King of England at the end still considered Robin Hood as a thief too in the movie. Actually, I'm losing memory about the synopsis now, so go watch it for yourself! hee

Next, today's movie is Nightmare on Elm Street. Gosh, it has this effect I called "over-jumping" effects. It's like every second you would think this Freddy guy (the guy with iron nails) would jump behind the other characters' backs and sliced or stabbed them. It's what happen in the movie. This guy hunted down every single kids which he used to know just to get revenge on what their parents did to him. Those parents burned him alive in a factory, I guess. But, whether this guy really innocent or not you should decide after watching this. If you have the courage. My sister keep on screaming. I actually jumped out of her screaming. Haih.. tak nak tengok with her any ghost stories next time. Haha!

Upcoming movie that I want to watch


And here is the trailer,

p/s: Interesting enough for me =) Honey, jom tgk... hehehehe ;)

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