Gossip Partner!

May 15, 2010

She's the first one to say hi to me back in matrix. "Orang klang gak ek?" "Ayah polis ke?" Her sentences are something like that. At that time I thought "Eh, kenal plak minah ni ngn ayah aku"..haha.

She also my first friend in f3p4. I'm not used to be friendly but with her it's easy. Perangai lebih kurang.. sebab tu kot. Except I'm not one of "pupun" fans. Sorry la Amal! Haha! She always hang out at my room during the break between classes back then. Until now, I wonder why she never fall asleep at my room like Lily always did. ;p

Dear gossip partner,
It's your day to turn older now. I wish u lots of happiness. And no more tears in your coming years. Thanks for being a very great friend. Congratulations! You definitely in my VVIP list ;)

Your cute gossip partner. ;)

4 years ago
Gosh! I'm chubby haha (on medication at this time).
See, she's my twin. Oh, I forgot, there's another twin of hers there. hehe!

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