Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear John

It's not the latest movie I saw in cinema. Just a movie I watched last night after months I've downloaded it. Since I'm on my semester break, now I have so much free time. Haha!

Dear John is a movie that maybe for some people called mushy. But since I like Nicholas Sparks novels, so I just open the movie folder and choose it ;) If you like A Walk to Remember then u'll probably like this one too.

Reasons Why?

1) Not the normal chick flick. Yeah of course, there is the love story in it but that's just not it. There this old man who is an autism (John's dad), where he and John have problem in their father-son relationship. It's something different.

2) The songs for this movie is so good. The song sings by Amanda Seyfried. I love it =))

3) Channing Tatum can be the reason I watched it. muahahaha!

4) It was based on my favourite author's novel, so probably it would be less than 10% for me to be unsatisfied or think "wth is this movie all about!"

John =)))))

p/s: Now I'm confused whether A walk To Remember can still be my no 1 fav? haha


Anonymous said...

atlast br leh xtgk kn?.
tp i xtgk lg.
feel x dtg lg.


Aiza Aidid said...

n154: best gler u cte ni.. i rse lg best dr a walk to remember.. hihi

yanaaa said...

lagu tuh besttttt! thanks for sharing the link. nnt nk tgk jgk la cite nih. hee

Aiza Aidid said...

hehehe.. ur wlcme! ;)
best giler la cte ni..hihi

Anonymous said...

typo : *tgk

xnk la ade yg mati..


Aiza Aidid said...

n154: ahaha.. bese la cte2 cmni.. mst ade je yg mati.. ;(