Celebrities Who Stink

May 27, 2010

Some people are lucky enough they don't have this problem. Well, for the rest who have it, you need to do something about it. These people including the celebrities. What problem? Of course, body odour! The most common problem, men and women both have. No exceptions.

So, I think the celebrity that been listed as "the worst body odour" most over the Internet would be.... Guess guess guess. Still haven't got a clue?

Yeah.. the answer is...

Brad Pitt. It's hard to believe right. SO, digest the fact.. slowly. Hey, don't be surprise. Good looks is nothing compared to a very bad body odour. After all, he is not popular for his hygienic routines.

Why bother? That's where you got all messed up Mr Gorgeous. Well, not so gorgeous anymore when you all sweaty. Oh, it's okay for me if you're sweaty but combined with body odour is a big no. For me and I'm pretty sure for everyone else too.

But every problem has its own solution and that includes Pitt's problem here. I'm suggesting a deodorant and not just the typical one but this one, Adidas Action 3. It is perfect since it would provide extra protection even you're standing right down the Sun and sweating all over your body.

Body odour makes you feel not confident, difficult to socialize and even make you yourself uncomfortable. So, put a full stop to your problem by choosing the right solutions to your problem.

Catch the Project Alpha Season 2 here. Check out these videos from episode 36-39.

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