"What If " Only used by Coward

April 02, 2010

People always think about 'what if'. Sometimes to unnecessary things.

what if I'm not gonna be anybody?
what if I'm not gonna meet my right one?
what if I'm not gonna succeed?
what if I'm gonna be a failure?
what if I fail my exams?
what if I would fall out of love?
what if I ended up alone?
what if people hate me?

Seriously people, if you keep on talking that way, you just being a coward. It's not wrong to think about the future. But it's wrong to think about them negatively. It just like putting a barrier in front of you. Protecting yourself from the chances that might come once in a lifetime.

I used to be pessimist during my teens years. I think about what I cannot do rather than focusing on what I'm best at. I even let this 1 stupid guy messing with my head thinking I'm not good enough to be anybody's girlfriend. Well, guess what loser, I got myself the best guy (opss.. emo plak!haha). Sorry readers! hehe. Before this, I used to be jealous about simple things. But, that's not me now.

Lately, I just realized one thing, life is short. In fact, too short. It keep moving forward and no turning back. So, I just want to take one thing at a time. Enjoy the things I love most. And just go with the flow. Yeah, that's what you should do too =)

okay, bye readers. I've got mountains of assignments. Why is the net slow in the time I need it most? pttfff~

p/s: I'm hungry actually.

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