Week 13! Tiring yet Excited

April 22, 2010

Hi guys! Sorry no update for almost a week. I'm drowning in the assignments. Haha
Yeah.. but that's all been completed. Phewww~ It's tiring when you look at your laptop screens until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. Tiring to when used too much brain.. haha! (mcm gune byk sgt je).

Oh! 1 thing.. I hate copy paste job. I hate people who did plagiarism! Seriously, it's not fair okay. Other people work hard to earned the marks and you CTRL+C and CTRL+V everything and you're done. But what to do. Attitude! Haih.. susa orang2 camni. I hope you people read this. But they wouldn't caused if they did, they wouldn't be bother about it. So, what's the point?!

Apart from that, I showed my lecturer the first draft of my Strategy assignment and she said well done. But what I'm so pissed off is about this one guy! He wanted to see my draft so I let him. Then he started commenting

"Aku rase ada lagi benda missing la. Macam tak cukup je.. betul ke ko buat ni??!!" and the look of his face.. arghh!!

Then what I said, "Ko punye da siap ke? tak pela, aku nak tunjuk Dr Aliza je dulu biar die komen if anything need to be change".

Guess what he said... "Aku tak start lagi pun".

Hurmmmmmmmmmmm... again.. attitude problem. Asyik taw nak komen kerja orang lain, diri sendiri tak tengok.

Hey Irsyad, by the way, you should look at my mid term marks before you talk to me like that man!!! Don't think I'm plain because I looked plain simple. Duh! I didn't mean to be a snob but with this type of people sometimes you must.

So, here it is.. the final exam schedule:

BSM 3614 - Strategy
BAC 4694 - Forensic Accounting
BBL 3614 - Company Law
BAC 3684 - Securities Investments and Analysis Portfolio Management
BAC 3674 - Advanced Management Accounting

Oh yes..the subjects in red are on the same day. 2 papers in a day! Have to start revising now. So little time left. But, no panic, I can do this :)

p/s: Hey, see my name?? Too long kan.. be my guest to guess. Hey, those who knows, diam2 okay! haha


Now, I just want to eat these right now

LAPAAAAA!!!! heheeheh :D

Oh, the boyfriend is here for his practical training kat Klang
Yeay! hahahaha:D

Plan to see him this weekend but not confirmed yet. So, wait and see.
If not, still got plenty of time! ;)

Okayyy.. long update so happy reading la kan ;p

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