April 13, 2010

People always complain how their life should be. Supposed to be. You really ungrateful. There are still a lot of others that are unfortunate than u are.

" Arghh.. so many assignments! Die laaaa"

" Mid term marks mcm ape je. Tak semangat la nak study camni!"

" Why is she prettier than me. Jealous!! "

" That's all for dinner??? X cukup!"

See.. all the unnecessary complaints. Hurmm :(

So, you should listen to these two songs!
I just love these two songs. It's been a while I heard them. But only tonight I feel like sharing. Haha!

It is not life without obstacles. We're not in fairytale.
It is not life without having to face losses.
It's just life when you keep on surviving ;)

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