SPM English Tips in My Blog?!

April 23, 2010

Hehe.. is there such thing in my blog?? It's kind of funny actually.

I'm not a teacher okay. I'm just a university student who currently busy preparing for her final exam. hihi. Sorry guys, especially SPM candidates who been searching English SPM tips in my blog. There's really nothing here. No tips. It's just my blog where I scribble a little bit about my life.

I remember the year I was sitting for SPM. It was in 2005 (see, I'm still young! hehe). I'm in pure science class, so that means I took Bio, Chem, Physics, Add Math etc2. I love Chem and Add Maths but so not interested in Bio. I guess that's why I'm in Science Physics when I was in matrix. haha! I wonder how my sister study Bio and taking Medic now. No doubt about her brain but still, it's kinda boring to me..marah budak2 medic kat aku nnt..hihi. Accounting more fun (not actually but suit me la kan) ;p

Oh yeah.. back to the story, I remember my classmates starting to spotted questions based on the tips they've got. You know like, chapter 1.. this and this must read..then certain part can skip. I'm scared to try that, so I study all. U would think I'm a coward but that's what save me. All the spotted questions that they studied didn't come out in the exam. They blanked on that day. And me, I was able to answer all because I studied all.

The moral is, in exam don't ever spot questions. It won't work that way. The safest way is study early so u'll able to study all. Until now, towards my final year in degree I don't practice spotting questions even I got the tips. The tips is to help emphasize what's important not what to skip for any possible chapter. Faham? ;)

Happy Studying MMU-ians. Good luck for final!

p/s: Hey, my blog have changed! Yeay. Penat edit html for a few hours! haha

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