Shortcuts to Happiness

April 05, 2010



Everyone wants to be happy. Well, at least the normal people want it. I want it.
You can find it through the hard ways or simple ways. Either one. You choose your own path.
I get it. No simple ways to get anything. Even it is your own happiness. But at least there are some ways that may simplify it.

So, presenting... "Shortcuts to Happiness"

1) Don't believe everything you think.
Sometimes your brain might analyse the wrong things. Sometimes you let your emotions control everything. The result.. more tension and stressful days.

2) Pad your time
It simply means that, you need to have break between works/classes/studying time. To do those non-stop actually creates more tension and give yourself headache.

3) Got engagedItalic
Well, not engaged engaged(with the ring and all) but to be involved or committed in something yourself are interested in. Preferably, the healthy things ;)

4) Grin, even if you don't like it.
In other words, pretend to like something even you don't. Hypocrite much huh? But actually, it can trigger the feeling of joy. So, try it!

5) Shorten your "I'd wish..." list
Or also known as wishlist. It's good to have something to aim. But it's the opposite to be wondering if you can change what's happened in the past. You know like saying "how I wish that never happened".

6) RSVP "no" to invites
Well, not to all invitations. But just the ones that you feel like an obligation or somehow you feel like being forced. So, learn to say no I guess.

7) Makeover your room
Changed the furnitures' positions' or paint the wall. I guess new looks apparently make yourself excited and more relax. I just finished tidying up my room just now. And this is so true =)

8) Admit your mistakes
There's a say right, people always learn from mistakes. kan kan? hehe

9) Dump your diet
Physical looks ain't everything you know. So, feel good about your body!

10) Don't hold any grudge
Grudge just blackened your heart.

11) Always have something to look forward
Makes you feel excited. And then eventually happy. Like me, always looking forward to come home or seeing the boyfriend =)

12) Color Therapy
4 shades that provide major mood-boosting benefits
  • Red - Increases your heart rate and excites sexual glands. Erk?? haha
  • Orange - serves as your energizer
  • Yellow - Relieve depression and improve memory
  • Mint green - Soothing!!
Info from : Cosmopolitan

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