Imagination is Needed for This Entry.

April 07, 2010

Warning: Required a lot of sense of humor too =)

1st situation

You're in a hurry and really need to go to the toilet. Then you found one in the middle of the city.
Well it looks find from the outside. Not a see-trough glasses or anything transparent.
But wait for it....

Here's one look from the inside.......

Now, can u do it? It looks like everyone can see what you're doing inside! Especially when people passing by look at the toilet for a long time. Yeah, they can't see you, but it still would gives you the creeps.

2nd situation
You want to take a long hot bath in the tub. You walk slowly into the bathroom. Once you step into the bathroom, you suddenly looked down.... and you see the painted floor!

Ahah! You would feel like falling down. Not so much to relax now huh? =)

Situation 3

You and your friend are taking the smoke-break. You go into the smoking area. Slowly look up okay... So here is what u see....

the painted mural on the ceiling and the mural is about burying u on your death day.
Freak out?? But to smokers I guess it's effective huh? haha ;p

It's just something from my email and feel like sharing with u guys!

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