Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nak Berblogging Biar Kena Caranya.

"Eh, kau takde blog ke?"

"Laa... loser kot xde blog?"

"Ala, tulis je apa2 kau nak kat dalam tu?"

Orang nak ade blog, kau pun sibuk jugak. Tapi nak gunakan tak pandai pulak. Buat blog biar ade tujuan. Jangan nak main tulis ikut suka hati. Oh, sila jangan salah faham. I'm not talking about personal blog. Blog personal tak termasuk dalam blog-blog yang saya rasa menyakitkan hati kalau baca. Blog ni jugak dalam kategori personal.

Oh, memang anda boleh cakap "blog gua suka hati gua la beb". Ya! memang pun. Tapi biar ada adab siket boleh tak? Ini dah la benda lain pun tak reti nak beradab, masa berblogging pun buat benda yang sama.

Blog jenis yang penuh dengan perkataan mencarut-carut. Hey, anda tu Melayu tahu tak? Setakat perkataan 'bodoh', 'damn' boleh lagi diterima. Lebih-lebih memang aku terus klik pangkah kat page kau tu.

Blog yang post entri tak tahu hujung pangkal. Maksudnya, belum tentu cerita tu betul dah post melulu. Satu tips untuk golongan macam ni, do your homework first. Jangan main ikut sedap anda je tekan-tekan huruf kat keyboards tu. Post-post macam ni biasanye orang buat untuk isu-isu panas yang tengah jadi. Tujuannye nak tambah followers. Silap tulis boleh makan diri anda sendiri okay.

Blog yang memang tak ada faedah kalau anda klik kat link yang ditinggalkan dalam chat box. Letak komen dalam chatbox tu "salam ziarah" atau "jalan2 kat sini". Tapi bila klik kat link-link tu, blog tu penuh dengan iklan-iklan buat duit segera. Blog yang ade iklan 18sx pun sibuk jugak ade. Seriously, geli aku! haha.

Ok lah, tak nak membebel banyak sangat. Benda ni pun untuk diri sendiri jugak so nanti takkan buat. =)

To, 1 follower yang dah unfollow tu,
p/s: Sape2 yang terasa, tu bukan tujuan entri ni. So sorry lah kalau ada yang sensitif sangat. Mungkin anda tak sesuai baca blog ni sebab kadang-kadang ayat saya memang pedas. That's who I am.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Hard To Choose When You've Not Set Your Heart to One

Dear Mr C,
I tried to like you. Seriously, I've try hard enough. But sometimes, it's like you speak in a very different language from mine. You feel like an alien to me. I just hope I'll understand what are you trying to tell me.

Dear Mr A.M,
I think I don't have problem with you but I guess that's because I never really sit down and try to figure you out. I'm confident that you'll give me quite hard times too like the others. But, if you really like me, please don't ;)

Dear Mr S.T,
You are the toughest of all. You make my mind spins around every single time I think about you. You make me nervous every time I go near you. Please, I'm begging you, for once, make it easy for me.

Dear Mr S.I,
I'm actually clueless about my feelings towards you. Not that you're not attractive enough to me but the others seemed more cunning and adventurous. But, I must not underestimate your power huh? I might never know, you can be either one; to like me or to destroy me

Dear Mr F,
Hmm.. I put my confidence in you since the first time I know you. But.. sometimes I feel you've letting me down. Sometimes I neglected others just to focus on you alone. I think I should change that. What do you think?


Dear S.R,
I know you feel like you're not gonna be okay for your practical training. You think you've let other good opportunity gone. But please, have faith in yourself. You're smarter than I am. I'm confident in yourself. So, you should too, honey. It's boring not to have your friends there with you but it's only for a while. I'll try my best to accompany you. You're gonna be okay.
I love you.
From your .

♥ ♥ ♥ You!

p/s: There's no other Mr I like to choose rather than you ;)
p/s/s: The other Mr in this post are my subjects. Haha! Sorry readers..hihi

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Right Person

I went out with the boyfriend today. Just temankan die shopping for his practical training and all. Plus, it's been months since the last time I meet him. That's what I did today. That's what makes the starting of my weekend perfect. ;)

Yes, I'm still so in love with the same guy I've fallen for, 4 years ago..
Love this kind of feeling. Makes me semangat to do anything.hihi..

Yes, I will. One day.

The right person always bring the best out of yourself. That's what I believe.

p/s: Can't wait to see you again! ;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

SPM English Tips in My Blog?!

Hehe.. is there such thing in my blog?? It's kind of funny actually.

I'm not a teacher okay. I'm just a university student who currently busy preparing for her final exam. hihi. Sorry guys, especially SPM candidates who been searching English SPM tips in my blog. There's really nothing here. No tips. It's just my blog where I scribble a little bit about my life.

I remember the year I was sitting for SPM. It was in 2005 (see, I'm still young! hehe). I'm in pure science class, so that means I took Bio, Chem, Physics, Add Math etc2. I love Chem and Add Maths but so not interested in Bio. I guess that's why I'm in Science Physics when I was in matrix. haha! I wonder how my sister study Bio and taking Medic now. No doubt about her brain but still, it's kinda boring to me..marah budak2 medic kat aku nnt..hihi. Accounting more fun (not actually but suit me la kan) ;p

Oh yeah.. back to the story, I remember my classmates starting to spotted questions based on the tips they've got. You know like, chapter 1.. this and this must read..then certain part can skip. I'm scared to try that, so I study all. U would think I'm a coward but that's what save me. All the spotted questions that they studied didn't come out in the exam. They blanked on that day. And me, I was able to answer all because I studied all.

The moral is, in exam don't ever spot questions. It won't work that way. The safest way is study early so u'll able to study all. Until now, towards my final year in degree I don't practice spotting questions even I got the tips. The tips is to help emphasize what's important not what to skip for any possible chapter. Faham? ;)

Happy Studying MMU-ians. Good luck for final!

p/s: Hey, my blog have changed! Yeay. Penat edit html for a few hours! haha

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 13! Tiring yet Excited

Hi guys! Sorry no update for almost a week. I'm drowning in the assignments. Haha
Yeah.. but that's all been completed. Phewww~ It's tiring when you look at your laptop screens until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. Tiring to when used too much brain.. haha! (mcm gune byk sgt je).

Oh! 1 thing.. I hate copy paste job. I hate people who did plagiarism! Seriously, it's not fair okay. Other people work hard to earned the marks and you CTRL+C and CTRL+V everything and you're done. But what to do. Attitude! Haih.. susa orang2 camni. I hope you people read this. But they wouldn't caused if they did, they wouldn't be bother about it. So, what's the point?!

Apart from that, I showed my lecturer the first draft of my Strategy assignment and she said well done. But what I'm so pissed off is about this one guy! He wanted to see my draft so I let him. Then he started commenting

"Aku rase ada lagi benda missing la. Macam tak cukup je.. betul ke ko buat ni??!!" and the look of his face.. arghh!!

Then what I said, "Ko punye da siap ke? tak pela, aku nak tunjuk Dr Aliza je dulu biar die komen if anything need to be change".

Guess what he said... "Aku tak start lagi pun".

Hurmmmmmmmmmmm... again.. attitude problem. Asyik taw nak komen kerja orang lain, diri sendiri tak tengok.

Hey Irsyad, by the way, you should look at my mid term marks before you talk to me like that man!!! Don't think I'm plain because I looked plain simple. Duh! I didn't mean to be a snob but with this type of people sometimes you must.

So, here it is.. the final exam schedule:

BSM 3614 - Strategy
BAC 4694 - Forensic Accounting
BBL 3614 - Company Law
BAC 3684 - Securities Investments and Analysis Portfolio Management
BAC 3674 - Advanced Management Accounting

Oh yes..the subjects in red are on the same day. 2 papers in a day! Have to start revising now. So little time left. But, no panic, I can do this :)

p/s: Hey, see my name?? Too long kan.. be my guest to guess. Hey, those who knows, diam2 okay! haha


Now, I just want to eat these right now

LAPAAAAA!!!! heheeheh :D

Oh, the boyfriend is here for his practical training kat Klang
Yeay! hahahaha:D

Plan to see him this weekend but not confirmed yet. So, wait and see.
If not, still got plenty of time! ;)

Okayyy.. long update so happy reading la kan ;p

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kaki Katak Dalam Menu Old Town?!

Actually. dah lama dapat email ni. Tapi asyik terlupa nak buat entri ni. Sorry ye ;)
So, untuk orang2 yang suka sangat makan kat Old Town, baca ni.
Dulu pun, saye selalu makan, tapi sekarang tak. And almost a year dah tak makan kat situ.
Fuh.. nasib baik!

Tengok jela ek pic2 kat bawah ni. Nak percaya atau tak, suka hati la kan. For me, memang tak nak la makan kat situ dah.

pic atas ni macam tak nampak sangat kan?

ZOOM IN......


And benda ni pun ada keluar kat paper tapi tak pasti la pulak paper mane and bila.

Paling penting, yang ni.... status halal old town!!!
Tak pasti halal atau tak. Nak makan lagi????

Tadi, pergi keluar shopping jap, lalu depan old town. Ade gak lagi muslim makan kat situ sebab rasenye dorang ingat sebab ada tanda halal kat depan pintu masuk tu so ok la kan nak makan. hurmm..

But kaki katak dalam mi ni kat old town mana korang rase??!!

OLD TOWN BUKIT TINGGI KLANG. Yes.. yang kat Jusco Bkt Tinggi tu.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


People always complain how their life should be. Supposed to be. You really ungrateful. There are still a lot of others that are unfortunate than u are.

" Arghh.. so many assignments! Die laaaa"

" Mid term marks mcm ape je. Tak semangat la nak study camni!"

" Why is she prettier than me. Jealous!! "

" That's all for dinner??? X cukup!"

See.. all the unnecessary complaints. Hurmm :(

So, you should listen to these two songs!
I just love these two songs. It's been a while I heard them. But only tonight I feel like sharing. Haha!

It is not life without obstacles. We're not in fairytale.
It is not life without having to face losses.
It's just life when you keep on surviving ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Orang Kita Memang Ada Attitude Problem.

Ok. Dah lama kot tak update blog. Yup, saye sibuk sangat tapi assignment tinggal lagi 1.5 je tak siap (erm.. 1.5 sebab 1 tu dah mula buat and tinggal lagi setengah nk siap) . Nak balik rumah minggu ni pun tak sempat. Tapi semua tu worth it sebab assignment dah nak siap! Yeay! hehe.
Tapi saya tak nak cerita banyak2 pasal assignment saya. Nanti bosan pulak orang baca.

Entri ni pasal perangai2 orang yang saya rasa annoying sangat.

1) Orang yang sensitif sangat. Tak tentu pasal pulak tu. Oh, saya pun sensitif but bukan selalu and sangat la jarang. Bukan semua isu saya jadi sensitif. Ini pasal status updates dekat facebook pun blh nak gaduh2, marah2 and emo2. Susah sangat jangan buat account facebook. Jangan campur orang langsung! ;) Tadi saya check ada satu group kat facebook "jangan nak terasa dengan status fb orang laen tak tentu pasal". Tengok, sampai kena buat group lagi. Haih

2) Orang yang asyik semangat je nak berubah tapi mcm tu la jugak sampai bila2. Oh, saya jumpa ramai orang macam ni. Saya ada jugak kawan2 spesis ni. Bila dapat result final exam baru nak menyesal dan cakap "next sem aku nk buat betul2 la, Aiza", TAPI dah start sem mcm tu gak. Hmm.. yela. Dah nak 4th year tu gak aku dengar.

3) Orang yang nak menunjuk-nunjuk dia pandai. Wargh!! Sorry to say, orang pandai bukan mcm tu ye! Ada sorang budak perempuan ni, dalam kelas saya, dia kalau boleh masa lecturer nak bagi lecture time tu gak die nak ajar kawan2 die. Tolong la siket ek, orang lain datang kelas nak dengar lecture, bukan anda ajar kawan2 anda yang belum confirm pun betul.

4) Orang yang suka menyibuk. In other words stalker, la kan. Sibuk sangat check facebook aku. Kau nak cari apa dalam tu??!!

Okay, da puas hati. Muahahaha =D

Ini cerita lain pulak. Tadi gi kenduri rumah Nana, my friend dekat USJ6 with my roomate, Nisa.
Oh ye, saye la drive. Even tak pernah gi tapi try gak cari rumah die sebab die dah 3 kali invite. Tak elok la tak pergi plak ;) Gambar tak boleh upload lagi sebab semua pic diamek oleh tuan rumah. Hehe!

Thanx Nana, makanan semua sedap. Tapi I suke cake tu. Haha!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Imagination is Needed for This Entry.

Warning: Required a lot of sense of humor too =)

1st situation

You're in a hurry and really need to go to the toilet. Then you found one in the middle of the city.
Well it looks find from the outside. Not a see-trough glasses or anything transparent.
But wait for it....

Here's one look from the inside.......

Now, can u do it? It looks like everyone can see what you're doing inside! Especially when people passing by look at the toilet for a long time. Yeah, they can't see you, but it still would gives you the creeps.

2nd situation
You want to take a long hot bath in the tub. You walk slowly into the bathroom. Once you step into the bathroom, you suddenly looked down.... and you see the painted floor!

Ahah! You would feel like falling down. Not so much to relax now huh? =)

Situation 3

You and your friend are taking the smoke-break. You go into the smoking area. Slowly look up okay... So here is what u see....

the painted mural on the ceiling and the mural is about burying u on your death day.
Freak out?? But to smokers I guess it's effective huh? haha ;p

It's just something from my email and feel like sharing with u guys!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Shortcuts to Happiness



Everyone wants to be happy. Well, at least the normal people want it. I want it.
You can find it through the hard ways or simple ways. Either one. You choose your own path.
I get it. No simple ways to get anything. Even it is your own happiness. But at least there are some ways that may simplify it.

So, presenting... "Shortcuts to Happiness"

1) Don't believe everything you think.
Sometimes your brain might analyse the wrong things. Sometimes you let your emotions control everything. The result.. more tension and stressful days.

2) Pad your time
It simply means that, you need to have break between works/classes/studying time. To do those non-stop actually creates more tension and give yourself headache.

3) Got engagedItalic
Well, not engaged engaged(with the ring and all) but to be involved or committed in something yourself are interested in. Preferably, the healthy things ;)

4) Grin, even if you don't like it.
In other words, pretend to like something even you don't. Hypocrite much huh? But actually, it can trigger the feeling of joy. So, try it!

5) Shorten your "I'd wish..." list
Or also known as wishlist. It's good to have something to aim. But it's the opposite to be wondering if you can change what's happened in the past. You know like saying "how I wish that never happened".

6) RSVP "no" to invites
Well, not to all invitations. But just the ones that you feel like an obligation or somehow you feel like being forced. So, learn to say no I guess.

7) Makeover your room
Changed the furnitures' positions' or paint the wall. I guess new looks apparently make yourself excited and more relax. I just finished tidying up my room just now. And this is so true =)

8) Admit your mistakes
There's a say right, people always learn from mistakes. kan kan? hehe

9) Dump your diet
Physical looks ain't everything you know. So, feel good about your body!

10) Don't hold any grudge
Grudge just blackened your heart.

11) Always have something to look forward
Makes you feel excited. And then eventually happy. Like me, always looking forward to come home or seeing the boyfriend =)

12) Color Therapy
4 shades that provide major mood-boosting benefits
  • Red - Increases your heart rate and excites sexual glands. Erk?? haha
  • Orange - serves as your energizer
  • Yellow - Relieve depression and improve memory
  • Mint green - Soothing!!
Info from : Cosmopolitan

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Want to Know What Your Pet is Saying?! See it Here.

kitty: "why can't u understand me?!! i'm sad :'(
Image google

Ever wonder what's your pet are saying? So, use this google translator for animal!
Not the normal google translator of course..hehe

So, it would remove all the communication barriers with you and your pet. Nice, huh?
I wonder is the animals actually understand our talks? Silly silly..hahaha
The disadvantage is that it is an application build for android phones. Yeah.. bummer :(

Friday, April 02, 2010

"What If " Only used by Coward

People always think about 'what if'. Sometimes to unnecessary things.

what if I'm not gonna be anybody?
what if I'm not gonna meet my right one?
what if I'm not gonna succeed?
what if I'm gonna be a failure?
what if I fail my exams?
what if I would fall out of love?
what if I ended up alone?
what if people hate me?

Seriously people, if you keep on talking that way, you just being a coward. It's not wrong to think about the future. But it's wrong to think about them negatively. It just like putting a barrier in front of you. Protecting yourself from the chances that might come once in a lifetime.

I used to be pessimist during my teens years. I think about what I cannot do rather than focusing on what I'm best at. I even let this 1 stupid guy messing with my head thinking I'm not good enough to be anybody's girlfriend. Well, guess what loser, I got myself the best guy (opss.. emo plak!haha). Sorry readers! hehe. Before this, I used to be jealous about simple things. But, that's not me now.

Lately, I just realized one thing, life is short. In fact, too short. It keep moving forward and no turning back. So, I just want to take one thing at a time. Enjoy the things I love most. And just go with the flow. Yeah, that's what you should do too =)

okay, bye readers. I've got mountains of assignments. Why is the net slow in the time I need it most? pttfff~

p/s: I'm hungry actually.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jangan Jadi Bodoh Boleh Tak?


Orang nak celebrate kau pun sibuk nk jugak. Tapi apa yang dicelebrate kau pun x faham.
Dua bulan lepas, sibuk dengan Valentine's Day kononnya. Hari ni sibuk sangat nak April Fool.
Entah kau tahu ke tak kan sejarah benda ni. Ikut suka je nk sambut. I never get to understand this kind of people.

Ok.. kat bawah ni ada 2 link. Anda blh click kat situ kalau nak tahu apa April Fool's tu sebenarnya.

Tak salah pun nak tahu celebration2 kat dunia ni. Nak tahu berapa juta sekalipun ikut suka anda la kan. Tapi jangan la main ikut je tak tahu asal usul sambutan tu. Kalau cakap bodoh anda melenting dan tuduh orang-orang yang bagi nasihat tu tak open-minded la, tak cool la, ketinggalan zaman la. Shame on you okay! Tapi, perangai anda tu dah cukup menunjukkan kualiti diri anda. Sedih je tengok korang beria-ia sambut benda2 camni dan tak sedar you're just beeing fooled!

So, do yourself a favor. Stop being fooled around.

p/s: I'm not that good. This also as a reminder to myself.