Tips to Those Who Hate My Blog Because It's in English

March 09, 2010

A few days back, there is this person who commented in the cute chatbox at this blog. He commented that I shouldn't blog in English because that make people hate to read this blog. Sincerely, readers, am I giving you the hard time because of the language I used to blog? But, still people do comments and followed my blog, so what he said maybe not true at all.

I'm not automatically excellent in English. I learned slowly when I was in standard 1 and 2. By standard 4, I improved and this continued until I was quite good with this language. That doesn't mean I'm bad in BM either. S.P.M BM paper as you know is tough as hell and I did got A1. So, don't tell me I forgot who I am okay?!

Here is what I did to improve my English years ago and still continues until now.

1) Read English novels

  • You can starts off by choosing an interesting novel with simple sentences. The best is choose the book which is not too thick. Once you start reading, you would feel like continuing until it finishes. Well, I have influenced one person to do this and he said let's change books next time. Haha! See, it's not difficult.
2) Listen to English songs

  • This is much more simpler way for you to improve your English. Listen to any favourite songs and try to understand what it means. Try it! =)
3) Communicate in English

  • For those who not really good in speaking English you would find it hard to starts off. But, to learn you need to throw all the embarrass feelings. Find close friends to practice. For me, when non Malays talk to me in BM, I would reply back in English. So, after a while they would eventually talk English with you. Have confidence in yourself!
4) Watch English films with subtitles
  • At first you would need the subtitles, but after you're getting good at it, you won't need subtitles anymore. For example, many people watch Korean movies right. After a while watching a few movies you can understand some words in Korean. The same thing goes when you learn English
5) Have at least 1 English dictionary
  • This is for you to refer any words that you don't understand. Don't be lazy to flip through the dictionary okay? Plus, these days there even electronic ones right? :D
6) Read English paper & magazines
  • To increase your knowledge in vocabs. It make it easier for you to do homework, assignments etc if you're a student. For working people, it makes your communication skills even much better.
I didn't got Band 6 in MUET during matrix but still I don't failed it either ;)

So, happy trying!

To that person, I had nothing against you, just giving you ideas how to learn English in fun ways! =D

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