Thursday, March 11, 2010

Superstitions, Why Must People Keep Believing in You?

All around the world, there must always be something that people believe. I mean weird stuff or things that don't make any sense. So, here is the list of some popular superstitions around the world.

1) Number 13
  • You know like Friday the 13th, there shouldn't be any 13th floor at any tall buildings, shouldn't be any room numbered 13. Believe me, most of five star hotels did this. They don't have 13th floor or room13. Try ask the receptionist if you don't believe me. But, it's just a number right?
2) If three people been photographed together, the person in the middle will die first
  • This one normal right. Even here, in Malaysia this superstition has many believer. But based on what I heard the middle person would go far away from other people in the picture. Even my closer family members mad at me when I try to take pictures this way. Maybe if it's happened before it's just a coincidence. I don't know.
3) If the palm right itches, you'll be getting money. If the left palm itches, you'll be getting out of money
  • A common one too right? I heard this so many times and of course happened a few times. But, as a Muslim you shouldn't believe any kind of superstitions. I just thought it maybe just a coincidence. Dah rezeki kan? hehe.
4) If you light 3 cigarettes using the same match, there'll be a bad luck
  • Smokers! Attention here. More likely you'll get lung cancer or other cancer. That's total bad luck already.
5) A knife placed under the bed during childbirth would ease the pain
  • If I am about to have a baby, anesthetic would be really helpful. Don't you think? ;)
6) Place your hand on the mouth when you're sneezing so that your soul can't escape.
  • More like so your germs can't escape and affected people around you. Hehe!
7) The number of X on your palm would tell us how many kids you'll have.
  • Now, start counting people! And how do I count this, a palm or both? hehehe. This one is most funniest. That means I'll be having more than 20 kids. Oh gosh! haha
8) Salty soup means that the cook is in love
  • Oh, I heard this one. But the version is a little bit different; the cook is actually getting married. So anyone who're getting married, are your dishes salty? Mine.. not yet =D
9) Evil spirits can't harm you when you stand inside a circle.
  • Hmm.. so how if you're walking alone???? huh~
10) A knife as a gift from a lover means that the love soon will end.
  • Really? And who actually did that? Most people would give chocolate, flowers, etc. More romantic rather than giving your special one a knife.
Whether you actually believe it or not, it's up to you. For myself, sometimes it happened but just a coincidence. But as your mind already set to a specific superstitions, that's why you kind of believe it.

This post is for fun anyway! To kill my time..hihi. =D

But, if you asked me 'Do u believe in this thing?'
this would be my answer.........

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woaini_87 said...

haha.. true true...
like potong kuku. last time they said don't cut your nail at night because "duno what will happen" but i think it's because they did not have electricity those days..=)

Himmat Singh said...

Well, the 'Number 13' superstition is wel-placed in Western culture. No F1 car No. 13!!!

What I do, is that when I play football/hockey, I get number 13 jersey...coz I find it to be good luck :)

Aiza Aidid said...

woaini_87: haha..potong kuku tu dulu org ckp cam bad luck ke pe ntah..hehe

Aiza Aidid said...

himmat singh: yeah2.. now i remember..hihi.. even here, it's already happened.

see, nothing happened right. It's all about your mind set I think. =)

::aMaD:: said...

I also don't really believe in superstitions. But it can't be helped..malaysian got something that will somehow feels like "believe in it". don't know what to say..but some kind of..

Aiza Aidid said...

amad: yup.. btol gak tu.. tapi most of the time.. it's just a coincidence.. nk caye xle nnt jd khurafat..hehe