Right One At Last!

March 23, 2010

Most people had been in a relationship. I said M.O.S.T not all =D
The good and bad. I had experienced both.
So, what define as a good ones?

1) Your couple makes you happy. Always.
Obviously. Why be in a relationship if you're not. This person would make you smile even for 1 simple thing or laugh at 1 silly joke.

2) You are who you're really are when being with him/her.
They would not try to change who you are. Not try to forced you being someone you're not. You just simply your true self when being together. My partner said I laugh seriously loud or eat a lot. So? hahaha. See, that's how myself when I'm with him. That's how it's supposed to be. Some girls try to be too perfect. It won't work that way in a long run.

3) Do care about each other
It's something that you cannot simply make up. Benda ni tak boleh buat2. Something that comes naturally when you sincerely love your partner. It's like asking how's each others days? How's the mid terms(for me.. coz baru pas exam..haha!), remember each others' birthday, anniversary etc2.

4) Supported each other
This I guess has a big impact. It can be actually turned out into something positive. If your partner interested in something give your support. Don't ever doubt them. It's just terrible okay? You would want someone to support you when you're feeling down.

5) Understanding and gives each other some privacy
I'm the kind of girlfriend who loves to SMS my boyfriend a lot. Called me clingy or whatever but, when he needs to study or simply want to play games or even goes out with his friends, I do respect that. I just want to give him space. Well, he did the same for me. So, there is nothing wrong with that. That's normal. I'm such an understanding girlfriend kan? Haha!

6) Trust and don't lie.
Yes, trust is earned. Definitely. I don't simply trust people because of the what happened in the past. When you don't lie, you won't gives your partner any reason to doubt you. A relationship which is based on truth would most probably be alright. Honey, you're one of the few people I trust. Jealous tuh sometimes sebab sy saje2 je awk.. haha!

7) Two ways communication
Don't ever be selfish to share your problem and never listen to your partner's problem. Yeah, girls always talk and talk non-stop. We sometimes got carried away when talking so please do stop us. Haha! Take time to listen to your guys too =)

There's a lot more. Different people different views on what's a good relationship is. Being with my current guy make the best out of me. In terms of my study, behaviour and all. I'm turned out to be quite a better person now compared to before this. I guess it's true then. It takes a few times to meet the right one.

To Shah Rizal, you are the best guy for me indeed. The best love I have.

p/s: I you

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