How Much Your Blog Have Changed? Mine.. A lot!

March 16, 2010

I've been reading back all my posts for the last a year plus. Then, I've seen how my blog have changed. The way I blogged when I'm 19 and now is totally different. What makes the difference?

I don't quite know. Maybe because I turned "younger" each year so my style of writing changed. Maybe.

For the readers who had been following me for the long time, they might have noticed the changes. Previously, I blogged almost everyday about what I did. It's like online diary. Haha! I even blogged about what makes me upset, what irritates me (but, sometimes now I did that!) hehe. But, at that time, the way I write directly pinpoint to that particular person who upset me. Yeah.. yeah.. immature me kan? ;D

But the past few months, I've blogging maybe twice a week. I waited for an idea to come. If no then, there would be no latest post. But that doesn't mean I won;t be posting about my life now. I will but it wouldn't be like everyday.

Some changes I've made:
  • Try to put even 1 pictures for my post.
  • Used very short yet understandable sentences
  • I used to blog in colourful fonts (please laugh) but now not more than 2 excluded black.
  • I'm still trying to cut out the"haha".."hihi" thing but apparently not yet successful.
  • From dark templates I use white now.
  • I hate chat box. But now, just look at it. Thank readers!
  • I don't want to put "followers" box there because I thought no one read my blog. Well, I misjudged. ;)
  • I used to put pictures at the side bar but now no. It's slowed down the loading rate. So, removed it.
  • My posts now at least would be informative enough for others compared to earlier stage of my blogging career (career?? perasan sgt.. kahkah!)
Doing the same things won't make you bored, but doing it the same way will.

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