Fierce & Annoying Lecturers. What Do U Think?

March 06, 2010

Wow.. it'been nearly a week since I haven't post any updates. Sorry, I've been busy with the exams, assignments and classes. Well, talk about that, what do u guys think about fierce lecturer? The one who sometimes purposely torture the students out of the reason for fun. Totally like hell right? Out of my campus life, this would be the first time I'm getting one. Well, minus the lecturers at matrix. Haha!

Hah! To describe it, it is something like this. Seriously, all my classmates are afraid to go to the tutorial class. If u don't prepare for the class, then the lecturer would kick your butt out of the class. Not literally of course! But, eventually you would be lazy because dah xde semangat kan.

And no silly mistakes for the subject. This particular lecturer would not tolerate any stupidity.

Before entering the tutorial class, I think most of the students would be like this

See, lecturer, that's how u make us feel! Goodness, we're mostly 3rd year and final year students!

Another kind of lecturers that sometimes annoyed me:

  • The one who would speak closely to the mic.. like he/she is chewing it. Especially when the voice is already loud. Do u know when u speak with that kind of frequency, u make ur students kind of have the heart attack. I usually will sit at the back row so I wouldn't have ear dysfunctional later
  • The one who always so lazy to stand up during giving lectures. Man, u are lazy and u expect student to be extra hardworking. Plus, when the class is 8 o'clock. Rase nk bagi penampo je..haha!
  • The one who is biased. Aha! This one mostly, any university would have. But, what can I say, as a student myself just study and hopefully would succeed. Not much we can do kan?
But but but, I have one or two fav lecturers. They are super awesome! Thanx to them, I always score for the important subjects :)

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