Earth Hour Aftermath! A bit Funny but True

March 28, 2010

Yesterday people busy with this Earth Hour(EH) thing right?
Me? Basically I went out for dinner so my house turned off the lights.
EH is actually a good thing to preserve the environment. BUT!!
There's a catch. Some of the points below are jokes okay.

First of all, when all places are in darkness, some risks might arise.

>>>> Target for any robbery. Everyone busy turning off the lights right, so all places are dark. You might not see the 'people' outside the house. The 'people' targeting your house for their 'business'. So, be alert even in the dark.

>>>> Dark places are mosquitoes palace aren't they? Like near the drain especially. So.. don't sit still in a place for that 1 hour. You might be the dinner for them. We don't want anymore increase in dengue cases.

>>>> For those who went out last night, like having dinner outside. Like me and this what happened exactly. The waiter bring the wrong order because at that time they can't see the things they wrote! I order coke float, he brought me ice cream. I order spaghetti he brought me fried mee. Haiya!! At least, next year, some candles on table would be nice okay? ;p

>>>> It's a joke okay. We're student always blaming others or anything if we didn't finished studying. So, let's see how many of my classmates would use this excuse after Securities Investment Analysis mid terms next week okay? hehe

But my point is, despite all the risks or aftermath of EH, please...


clueless about it!! Shame on this kind of people.

Yeah, but I need to ask you guys one thing,

which 1 is better?
a) Once a year event like EH to save our planet


b) Save energy a little bit through daily activities EVERYDAY

The same goes to the campaign no plastic bag on every Saturday. Why must only be one day???
Why not everyday??!

THINK people. Bye! ;)

Image: Mr Google
Edited by the Author =p

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