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March 20, 2010

Mode: Studying (supposedly)

Mood: About to fall asleep!

I've been very busy lately. Studying for the mid terms next week. And also trying to finish a little bit of my assignments. A bit here and there. Oh, talking about assignments, there's a lecturer who did not give specific instructions on want does he want. Dah la bagi tau last minute. Really pissed me off! Luckily, I've managed to do it all and only wait for the submission day, next Tuesday.

This post bored you guys. I know. Haha! But, this is the only way to avoid me fall asleep right on top of my books and notes. What else do I did when I fell sleepy when studying?

1) Eat.
  • I'm always hungry after a few hours of studying. So, makan la kan! Haha. But, just simple food like cookies or muffin. But usually I'm so hungry.. I eat maggi. ;p

2) Take a nap
  • Around 30mins is enough. But.. normally I snoozed the alarm and woke up 1 hour later!

3) Online for a while
  • Log in to my FB.. reply comments, update status etc2.. or find amusing video on you tube. After laughing so hard and the roommate gave me the look.. I'll shut up and continue study. Simple! ;)

4) Change subjects
  • I usually sleepy when I study reading subjects like law(zzzzzz) haha! So, I will change to calculation subjects. Keep my brain alive! ngahahaha :D

5) Coffee!

  • I'm quite addicted to coffee. You know like different people, different style of ways they do to avoid being sleepy. Some drinks Livita or Redbull. It I prefer coffee or tea.

6) Update boring post in my blog
  • Like the kind of post you guys read now. One of the boring posts I've made when I feel very very sleepy.

Upcoming Events (for myself):

Mid Terms
- Forensic Accounting
- Securities Investment Analysis
- Advanced MA

Assignments - All subjects

1 Tutorial (Scary lecturer!)
- So no choice, I must do. Hehe!

I promise, after this I'll drop by to all your blogs again.

To my parents: Oh.. I've got to stay at the hostel again for next session (my final year).Yeay! X penat nak cari rumah sewa. Nak download movie pun senang =)))))

Okay! Time to study. Nite people!

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