Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

March 07, 2010

Happy Sunday people! What do u guys do today huh? Yeah, I'm bored so I choose to blog again. hehe. Are u new in blogging? Maybe these few tips would help u okay? Oh, I'm quite new too. =)

1) The Power of Your Title
  • Simply said that, you should write a catchy title! Like, when people see it, they feel the curiosity to check out the post.
2) Blog Posts should Be Reader-Friendly
  • This means that when people read your blog they don't have to open the dictionary every now and then. If too often this happens, people lose interest to come and read again. One more thing, avoid using jargon that only specific people know. And this implies to whatever language you used to blog.
3) Pictures are Worth A Thousand Words
  • Like they always said, a picture can tell many stories. So sometimes, you need to put a few pictures in your posting to avoid people from getting bored. Put it like this okay, when you're studying, after a long reading you would always love to see some pictures, right? So, the same goes when you're blogging.
4) Use Video from Time to Time
  • The same purpose like when you're using pictures in your posts. This helps especially when you post some tutorials for the readers.
5) Keep It Short & Simple
  • No lengthy posts please. Readers would tend to skip the posts if it's just way too long to read.
6) Use proper language
  • For some bloggers, maybe it's fine. But to new bloggers, it's important to use simple words, less spelling errors and of course proper languages.
All these tips to avoid your readers from becoming like this lady up here. Hehe!
But the most important is that.. enjoy blogging!! =)

Image source : Mr Google

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