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March 26, 2010

See, the purpose of the chatbox at the side bar are mainly for my readers and followers to drop their comments. But just in one night, 2 comments..I would say 'komen sampah' had filthied the chatbox. I feel like cursing. Luckily today is Friday, so no, I won't be shouting !@#$%^&* words.

Very smart tactic! Using people's name to drop the comments. I wonder whether these "Nur Leyana" or "Milya" really exists. What if this DapatWang site use your name? My name? By the way I'm gonna block both of these IP addresses!

This is the site when got when u clicked these names.

Before this I didn't use the comment moderation. But a lot of spams in my comments for every entry. It's annoying. So, sorry readers, I've got no choice but to enable the comment moderation. But don't be afraid to drop the comments. I don't hate you. I hate spammers! haha

To these kind of sites, seriously I'm not interested. For me, there would not be an easy way to get money. Money is earned. Normally by hardworking. Not by dropping comments in others chatbox and ask them to join your site. Even to get the nuffnang cheque also you need to frequently click others ads and others click yours. See, no easy way to get what you want. Reminder to all, be careful to all these kind of spams, it might turn out to be a scam.

Easy get, easy go! You know, want to get rich faster, you tend to be greedy and take a shortcut. So probability you might be cheated is high. Very high!

So be very careful.

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