Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Believe Your Eyes. They're Telling The Truth!

It's been raining outside and I'm feeling sleepy.
So better I google something before I fall asleep.
Let's see something nice for this evening okay.
Like everyone say, a picture worth 1000 words.

You would not believe that these pictures are NOT being photoshoped.
So.... scroll down!!


the screen looks like transparent huh? It's not! =p


Headless horse! Haha.. the head is turned to the other side la!

My favourite! Nice huh?


Look like been edited but seriously no. It's life-size photographic work. The real building was built in Paris.

How on earth???!! It's possible. The streaming water surrounded a pipe that actually holds the head (gold colour) hehe!

Another favourite of mine! ;)

Scary kot??

Eating cloud?? I want ;)


Last one! But special ;)

Source: Go to oddee.com I've got this pictures and facts there.

By the way, it's already 101 people!

Thank you followers; yang baru & yang lama ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour Aftermath! A bit Funny but True

Yesterday people busy with this Earth Hour(EH) thing right?
Me? Basically I went out for dinner so my house turned off the lights.
EH is actually a good thing to preserve the environment. BUT!!
There's a catch. Some of the points below are jokes okay.

First of all, when all places are in darkness, some risks might arise.

>>>> Target for any robbery. Everyone busy turning off the lights right, so all places are dark. You might not see the 'people' outside the house. The 'people' targeting your house for their 'business'. So, be alert even in the dark.

>>>> Dark places are mosquitoes palace aren't they? Like near the drain especially. So.. don't sit still in a place for that 1 hour. You might be the dinner for them. We don't want anymore increase in dengue cases.

>>>> For those who went out last night, like having dinner outside. Like me and this what happened exactly. The waiter bring the wrong order because at that time they can't see the things they wrote! I order coke float, he brought me ice cream. I order spaghetti he brought me fried mee. Haiya!! At least, next year, some candles on table would be nice okay? ;p

>>>> It's a joke okay. We're student always blaming others or anything if we didn't finished studying. So, let's see how many of my classmates would use this excuse after Securities Investment Analysis mid terms next week okay? hehe

But my point is, despite all the risks or aftermath of EH, please...


clueless about it!! Shame on this kind of people.

Yeah, but I need to ask you guys one thing,

which 1 is better?
a) Once a year event like EH to save our planet


b) Save energy a little bit through daily activities EVERYDAY

The same goes to the campaign no plastic bag on every Saturday. Why must only be one day???
Why not everyday??!

THINK people. Bye! ;)

Image: Mr Google
Edited by the Author =p

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Award! Muahaha =D

I was given this award twice. Ok2.. the same award by two people actually a few days ago. Thanx LiyanaKamal, she's my good friend back at matrix ;) And the other person is Amad, my new blogger mate! Go check out their blog. Best!

1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award. DONE! =)

2) Pass this award to 15 bloggers you newly discovered and think they're fantastic.
not even 15.. but xpela ek..haha. yes2.. u're not going to be forced to do this. =p

3) Let them know they won the award. Okay, in a while I'll do it.

4) 7 random things about yourself
  1. Aiza Aidid is not my real name. The real name is too long.. Should I tell you guys or not? u have the guts to ask then do it.. muahaha =D
  2. Third year accounting degree student at MMU Cyberjaya
  3. Happily dating with the same guy I've known for almost 3 years now.
  4. I have a cute car. Cute? hahaha
  5. I'm cold towards strangers but non-stop talking when I'm around people I love.
  6. I'm good in analytical and calculation subjects but did poorly when it comes to memorizing subjects. Seriously I just can't. ptffft~
  7. I hate crowded places like shopping mall.
So, that's all for today! Bye.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Attention Bloggers!

See, the purpose of the chatbox at the side bar are mainly for my readers and followers to drop their comments. But just in one night, 2 comments..I would say 'komen sampah' had filthied the chatbox. I feel like cursing. Luckily today is Friday, so no, I won't be shouting !@#$%^&* words.

Very smart tactic! Using people's name to drop the comments. I wonder whether these "Nur Leyana" or "Milya" really exists. What if this DapatWang site use your name? My name? By the way I'm gonna block both of these IP addresses!

This is the site when got when u clicked these names.

Before this I didn't use the comment moderation. But a lot of spams in my comments for every entry. It's annoying. So, sorry readers, I've got no choice but to enable the comment moderation. But don't be afraid to drop the comments. I don't hate you. I hate spammers! haha

To these kind of sites, seriously I'm not interested. For me, there would not be an easy way to get money. Money is earned. Normally by hardworking. Not by dropping comments in others chatbox and ask them to join your site. Even to get the nuffnang cheque also you need to frequently click others ads and others click yours. See, no easy way to get what you want. Reminder to all, be careful to all these kind of spams, it might turn out to be a scam.

Easy get, easy go! You know, want to get rich faster, you tend to be greedy and take a shortcut. So probability you might be cheated is high. Very high!

So be very careful.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unnecessary to be Biased!

Entri di bawah adalah sepenuhnya dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Imej: Google

Lagi-lagi isu sama. Orang pun dah naik muak baca. Saya sendiri muak. Saya tahu anda blogger lama. Blog anda pun banyak trafik. Tapi bukan semua benda yang anda jadikan pos orang akan terlepas pandang. Anda komen pasal blog-blog yang penulisnya Melayu tapi semua entri menggunakan bahasa Inggeris. Anda tuduh mereka malu untuk berblog dalam bahasa sendiri? Anda cakap mereka tak sedar diri sebab tak pernah buat entri dalam bahasa Melayu?

Tapi kalau blog anda dalam bahasa Melayu tapi penuh bahasa pasar, bahasa gedik, anda ingat orang suka ke baca? Betul saya cakap, pembaca anda tidak akan faham dengan perkataan seperti "sajew jew, uols,ai". Dan tu belum termasuk lagi bahasa-bahasa jalanan!

Jadi 1 kesalahan ke berblog menggunakan bahasa yg bukan bahasa kita sendiri? Bila cakap English, anda cakap orang itu sombong, lupa diri dan macam-macam ayat yang saya rasa tak patut keluar dari blogger lama seperti anda. Saya selesa berblog dalam English. Lagi pun sepanjang saya berblog tak pernah pula saya guna "broken English".

Saya tahu anda tidak tujukan entri anda itu kepada saya. Tapi saya juga antara blogger2 Melayu yang tulis setiap entri dalam English. Memang, saya tak pernah tulis dalam Melayu tapi anda tak boleh kata saya malu dengan bahasa sendiri! Tidak ada sebab kenapa saya perlu malu. Semua orang ade "their own preferences" termasuklah saya.

Ada juga yang komen di entri anda itu, komuniti blogger anda yang konon-konon "hot stuff" adalah platform untuk para blogger Melayu. Tapi tak tahu pula saya maksudnye blogger Melayu yang menggunakan Bahasa Melayu dalam blog. Tak apelah, saya takkan masuk dah ke komuniti macam awak semua. Kepada yang mengajak saya masuk, terima kasih sahaja lah!

Sikap pilih-pilih anda tu betul-betul menunjukkan sikap tak matang. Ceteknya tahap pemikiran orang yang dianggap hebat dalam dunia blogging. Tapi apa boleh buat mulut orang tak boleh nak tutup. Saya tidak akan 'link' kan entri anda itu. Saya tak lah sejahat itu untuk menjatuhkan air muka orang lain. Tapi, siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas.

Maaf, tajuk sahaja dalam English.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Right One At Last!

Most people had been in a relationship. I said M.O.S.T not all =D
The good and bad. I had experienced both.
So, what define as a good ones?

1) Your couple makes you happy. Always.
Obviously. Why be in a relationship if you're not. This person would make you smile even for 1 simple thing or laugh at 1 silly joke.

2) You are who you're really are when being with him/her.
They would not try to change who you are. Not try to forced you being someone you're not. You just simply your true self when being together. My partner said I laugh seriously loud or eat a lot. So? hahaha. See, that's how myself when I'm with him. That's how it's supposed to be. Some girls try to be too perfect. It won't work that way in a long run.

3) Do care about each other
It's something that you cannot simply make up. Benda ni tak boleh buat2. Something that comes naturally when you sincerely love your partner. It's like asking how's each others days? How's the mid terms(for me.. coz baru pas exam..haha!), remember each others' birthday, anniversary etc2.

4) Supported each other
This I guess has a big impact. It can be actually turned out into something positive. If your partner interested in something give your support. Don't ever doubt them. It's just terrible okay? You would want someone to support you when you're feeling down.

5) Understanding and gives each other some privacy
I'm the kind of girlfriend who loves to SMS my boyfriend a lot. Called me clingy or whatever but, when he needs to study or simply want to play games or even goes out with his friends, I do respect that. I just want to give him space. Well, he did the same for me. So, there is nothing wrong with that. That's normal. I'm such an understanding girlfriend kan? Haha!

6) Trust and don't lie.
Yes, trust is earned. Definitely. I don't simply trust people because of the what happened in the past. When you don't lie, you won't gives your partner any reason to doubt you. A relationship which is based on truth would most probably be alright. Honey, you're one of the few people I trust. Jealous tuh sometimes sebab sy saje2 je awk.. haha!

7) Two ways communication
Don't ever be selfish to share your problem and never listen to your partner's problem. Yeah, girls always talk and talk non-stop. We sometimes got carried away when talking so please do stop us. Haha! Take time to listen to your guys too =)

There's a lot more. Different people different views on what's a good relationship is. Being with my current guy make the best out of me. In terms of my study, behaviour and all. I'm turned out to be quite a better person now compared to before this. I guess it's true then. It takes a few times to meet the right one.

To Shah Rizal, you are the best guy for me indeed. The best love I have.

p/s: I you

Image : Mr Google

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Currently Unavailable

Mode: Studying (supposedly)
Mood: About to fall asleep!

I've been very busy lately. Studying for the mid terms next week. And also trying to finish a little bit of my assignments. A bit here and there. Oh, talking about assignments, there's a lecturer who did not give specific instructions on want does he want. Dah la bagi tau last minute. Really pissed me off! Luckily, I've managed to do it all and only wait for the submission day, next Tuesday.

This post bored you guys. I know. Haha! But, this is the only way to avoid me fall asleep right on top of my books and notes. What else do I did when I fell sleepy when studying?

1) Eat.
  • I'm always hungry after a few hours of studying. So, makan la kan! Haha. But, just simple food like cookies or muffin. But usually I'm so hungry.. I eat maggi. ;p

2) Take a nap
  • Around 30mins is enough. But.. normally I snoozed the alarm and woke up 1 hour later!

3) Online for a while
  • Log in to my FB.. reply comments, update status etc2.. or find amusing video on you tube. After laughing so hard and the roommate gave me the look.. I'll shut up and continue study. Simple! ;)

4) Change subjects
  • I usually sleepy when I study reading subjects like law(zzzzzz) haha! So, I will change to calculation subjects. Keep my brain alive! ngahahaha :D

5) Coffee!

  • I'm quite addicted to coffee. You know like different people, different style of ways they do to avoid being sleepy. Some drinks Livita or Redbull. It I prefer coffee or tea.

6) Update boring post in my blog
  • Like the kind of post you guys read now. One of the boring posts I've made when I feel very very sleepy.

Upcoming Events (for myself):

Mid Terms
- Forensic Accounting
- Securities Investment Analysis
- Advanced MA

Assignments - All subjects

1 Tutorial (Scary lecturer!)
- So no choice, I must do. Hehe!

I promise, after this I'll drop by to all your blogs again.

To my parents: Oh.. I've got to stay at the hostel again for next session (my final year).Yeay! X penat nak cari rumah sewa. Nak download movie pun senang =)))))

Okay! Time to study. Nite people!

Image: Mr Google

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Much Your Blog Have Changed? Mine.. A lot!

I've been reading back all my posts for the last a year plus. Then, I've seen how my blog have changed. The way I blogged when I'm 19 and now is totally different. What makes the difference?

I don't quite know. Maybe because I turned "younger" each year so my style of writing changed. Maybe.

For the readers who had been following me for the long time, they might have noticed the changes. Previously, I blogged almost everyday about what I did. It's like online diary. Haha! I even blogged about what makes me upset, what irritates me (but, sometimes now I did that!) hehe. But, at that time, the way I write directly pinpoint to that particular person who upset me. Yeah.. yeah.. immature me kan? ;D

But the past few months, I've blogging maybe twice a week. I waited for an idea to come. If no then, there would be no latest post. But that doesn't mean I won;t be posting about my life now. I will but it wouldn't be like everyday.

Some changes I've made:
  • Try to put even 1 pictures for my post.
  • Used very short yet understandable sentences
  • I used to blog in colourful fonts (please laugh) but now not more than 2 excluded black.
  • I'm still trying to cut out the"haha".."hihi" thing but apparently not yet successful.
  • From dark templates I use white now.
  • I hate chat box. But now, just look at it. Thank readers!
  • I don't want to put "followers" box there because I thought no one read my blog. Well, I misjudged. ;)
  • I used to put pictures at the side bar but now no. It's slowed down the loading rate. So, removed it.
  • My posts now at least would be informative enough for others compared to earlier stage of my blogging career (career?? perasan sgt.. kahkah!)
Doing the same things won't make you bored, but doing it the same way will.

Image source: Mr Google

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just For You, My Other-Half!

I supposed to be creating this post last night.
But bad connection.
Luckily, maxis didn't have line problem too last yesterday night.

I rarely post any post about my love life here, kan?
So, today is an exception.

22 already, syg? hehe..
So, happy birthday.
I love you, always.
And you're still & always be my best love

Hah! Your present honey, adela kan.. ahahahah!
(purposely to make you always think about it!) muahaha =D

By the way, whoever I make the post for their birthday in my blog, that means 1 thing..


Very very Important Person in my life.

So.. are you one of them? hehe ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Superstitions, Why Must People Keep Believing in You?

All around the world, there must always be something that people believe. I mean weird stuff or things that don't make any sense. So, here is the list of some popular superstitions around the world.

1) Number 13
  • You know like Friday the 13th, there shouldn't be any 13th floor at any tall buildings, shouldn't be any room numbered 13. Believe me, most of five star hotels did this. They don't have 13th floor or room13. Try ask the receptionist if you don't believe me. But, it's just a number right?
2) If three people been photographed together, the person in the middle will die first
  • This one normal right. Even here, in Malaysia this superstition has many believer. But based on what I heard the middle person would go far away from other people in the picture. Even my closer family members mad at me when I try to take pictures this way. Maybe if it's happened before it's just a coincidence. I don't know.
3) If the palm right itches, you'll be getting money. If the left palm itches, you'll be getting out of money
  • A common one too right? I heard this so many times and of course happened a few times. But, as a Muslim you shouldn't believe any kind of superstitions. I just thought it maybe just a coincidence. Dah rezeki kan? hehe.
4) If you light 3 cigarettes using the same match, there'll be a bad luck
  • Smokers! Attention here. More likely you'll get lung cancer or other cancer. That's total bad luck already.
5) A knife placed under the bed during childbirth would ease the pain
  • If I am about to have a baby, anesthetic would be really helpful. Don't you think? ;)
6) Place your hand on the mouth when you're sneezing so that your soul can't escape.
  • More like so your germs can't escape and affected people around you. Hehe!
7) The number of X on your palm would tell us how many kids you'll have.
  • Now, start counting people! And how do I count this, a palm or both? hehehe. This one is most funniest. That means I'll be having more than 20 kids. Oh gosh! haha
8) Salty soup means that the cook is in love
  • Oh, I heard this one. But the version is a little bit different; the cook is actually getting married. So anyone who're getting married, are your dishes salty? Mine.. not yet =D
9) Evil spirits can't harm you when you stand inside a circle.
  • Hmm.. so how if you're walking alone???? huh~
10) A knife as a gift from a lover means that the love soon will end.
  • Really? And who actually did that? Most people would give chocolate, flowers, etc. More romantic rather than giving your special one a knife.
Whether you actually believe it or not, it's up to you. For myself, sometimes it happened but just a coincidence. But as your mind already set to a specific superstitions, that's why you kind of believe it.

This post is for fun anyway! To kill my time..hihi. =D

But, if you asked me 'Do u believe in this thing?'
this would be my answer.........

Image Source: Mr Google

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tips to Those Who Hate My Blog Because It's in English

A few days back, there is this person who commented in the cute chatbox at this blog. He commented that I shouldn't blog in English because that make people hate to read this blog. Sincerely, readers, am I giving you the hard time because of the language I used to blog? But, still people do comments and followed my blog, so what he said maybe not true at all.

I'm not automatically excellent in English. I learned slowly when I was in standard 1 and 2. By standard 4, I improved and this continued until I was quite good with this language. That doesn't mean I'm bad in BM either. S.P.M BM paper as you know is tough as hell and I did got A1. So, don't tell me I forgot who I am okay?!

Here is what I did to improve my English years ago and still continues until now.

1) Read English novels

  • You can starts off by choosing an interesting novel with simple sentences. The best is choose the book which is not too thick. Once you start reading, you would feel like continuing until it finishes. Well, I have influenced one person to do this and he said let's change books next time. Haha! See, it's not difficult.
2) Listen to English songs

  • This is much more simpler way for you to improve your English. Listen to any favourite songs and try to understand what it means. Try it! =)
3) Communicate in English

  • For those who not really good in speaking English you would find it hard to starts off. But, to learn you need to throw all the embarrass feelings. Find close friends to practice. For me, when non Malays talk to me in BM, I would reply back in English. So, after a while they would eventually talk English with you. Have confidence in yourself!
4) Watch English films with subtitles
  • At first you would need the subtitles, but after you're getting good at it, you won't need subtitles anymore. For example, many people watch Korean movies right. After a while watching a few movies you can understand some words in Korean. The same thing goes when you learn English
5) Have at least 1 English dictionary
  • This is for you to refer any words that you don't understand. Don't be lazy to flip through the dictionary okay? Plus, these days there even electronic ones right? :D
6) Read English paper & magazines
  • To increase your knowledge in vocabs. It make it easier for you to do homework, assignments etc if you're a student. For working people, it makes your communication skills even much better.
I didn't got Band 6 in MUET during matrix but still I don't failed it either ;)

So, happy trying!

To that person, I had nothing against you, just giving you ideas how to learn English in fun ways! =D

Image source: Mr Google

Monday, March 08, 2010

Just That

This one is totally awesome!

Do you remember the nights we
Stayed up just laughing.
Smiling for hours at anything
Remember the nights we
drove around crazy in love

Do you remember the nights we
made our way dreaming
Hoping of being someone big,
we were so young then,
we were to crazy in love

When the lights go out
we'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world
Likes its all we have to hold on to
An we'll be a dream

Why why why still no official music video?? Haish =)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

Happy Sunday people! What do u guys do today huh? Yeah, I'm bored so I choose to blog again. hehe. Are u new in blogging? Maybe these few tips would help u okay? Oh, I'm quite new too. =)

1) The Power of Your Title
  • Simply said that, you should write a catchy title! Like, when people see it, they feel the curiosity to check out the post.
2) Blog Posts should Be Reader-Friendly
  • This means that when people read your blog they don't have to open the dictionary every now and then. If too often this happens, people lose interest to come and read again. One more thing, avoid using jargon that only specific people know. And this implies to whatever language you used to blog.
3) Pictures are Worth A Thousand Words
  • Like they always said, a picture can tell many stories. So sometimes, you need to put a few pictures in your posting to avoid people from getting bored. Put it like this okay, when you're studying, after a long reading you would always love to see some pictures, right? So, the same goes when you're blogging.
4) Use Video from Time to Time
  • The same purpose like when you're using pictures in your posts. This helps especially when you post some tutorials for the readers.
5) Keep It Short & Simple
  • No lengthy posts please. Readers would tend to skip the posts if it's just way too long to read.
6) Use proper language
  • For some bloggers, maybe it's fine. But to new bloggers, it's important to use simple words, less spelling errors and of course proper languages.
All these tips to avoid your readers from becoming like this lady up here. Hehe!
But the most important is that.. enjoy blogging!! =)

Image source : Mr Google

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fierce & Annoying Lecturers. What Do U Think?

Wow.. it'been nearly a week since I haven't post any updates. Sorry, I've been busy with the exams, assignments and classes. Well, talk about that, what do u guys think about fierce lecturer? The one who sometimes purposely torture the students out of the reason for fun. Totally like hell right? Out of my campus life, this would be the first time I'm getting one. Well, minus the lecturers at matrix. Haha!

Hah! To describe it, it is something like this. Seriously, all my classmates are afraid to go to the tutorial class. If u don't prepare for the class, then the lecturer would kick your butt out of the class. Not literally of course! But, eventually you would be lazy because dah xde semangat kan.

And no silly mistakes for the subject. This particular lecturer would not tolerate any stupidity.

Before entering the tutorial class, I think most of the students would be like this

See, lecturer, that's how u make us feel! Goodness, we're mostly 3rd year and final year students!

Another kind of lecturers that sometimes annoyed me:

  • The one who would speak closely to the mic.. like he/she is chewing it. Especially when the voice is already loud. Do u know when u speak with that kind of frequency, u make ur students kind of have the heart attack. I usually will sit at the back row so I wouldn't have ear dysfunctional later
  • The one who always so lazy to stand up during giving lectures. Man, u are lazy and u expect student to be extra hardworking. Plus, when the class is 8 o'clock. Rase nk bagi penampo je..haha!
  • The one who is biased. Aha! This one mostly, any university would have. But, what can I say, as a student myself just study and hopefully would succeed. Not much we can do kan?
But but but, I have one or two fav lecturers. They are super awesome! Thanx to them, I always score for the important subjects :)