Your First Might Just Not Be The One

February 05, 2010

When you're just a little child, your first ambition would a doctor.But as you grow older, the job u had would be a way too different.I used to keep changing my ambitions every 5 years and believe me, to be an accountant or auditor never crossed my mind.

When you got your first bicycle, you felt the excitement & promised to take a good care of it. The same thing goes when you first received your 1st car key. Well, as time passed by, the excitement would slowly goes away and replaced by boredom? Maybe.

When your knees got scraped and bleeding for the first time, you swear that you're gonna be very careful not to fall again. But that's not how things were. You will eventually forgot about your 1st scrap and fall again. Because people would tend to repeat the same mistake.

When you failed your exam for the first time, you promised your parents that's not gonna happen again. But you'll forget as time passes by. You enjoy your life to the fullest and the failure would be repeating.

When you first fall in love, you thought your couple would be the one for you. Instead, you'll end up with the least expected person and believe me, that's your best match. I experienced it and my guy now is the best of all.

Your first choices would seem the perfect. But if it's not gonna work out, that's just not meant to be. One thing, trust your instinct. They always right. :)

Night people!

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