Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day is Trouble to My Family Tonite!

I can't think of any line to be the title of my post today. I had no idea. ;)
Everyone in their holiday mood so supposed that's why I'm so lazy.
Right now there's two series I'm watching.

this one..

another one...

See, how lazy am I? padahal..keje banyak giler..haha. Yeah2.. i'll do it tonite then. If I'm still not sleepy la kan ;p

Oh yeah.. btw, my family supposed to have dinner at Windmill tonite. But we didn't know about the place make something special for Valentine's Day. (I'm NOT celebrating so obviously I don't know about that!!) U know what, they only serve two choices of main course. Urghh.. da la tgh lapa time tuh. The main course+appetizer+dessert+some V's gifts = RM 70.00++
Six people = nearly rm500. No way!! It's stupid to pay that kinda price for some food we don't want right? Btw, my family left to eat at other place. haha!

So, how's ur weekend people? Mine..erm.. let's see, seeing the boyfriend and the whole family is complete. The perfect weekend.

p/s: Update later okay? Nite ;)


amal said...

1 word to say about your weekend; jeles hahahaha

Aiza Aidid said...

ala amal.. jgn la jeles.. ;) hohoho

Syugurin said...

4 words from me: I watch Glee too. :)

Aiza Aidid said...

hehehe.. glee best kan =))