Too "Sopan" today..haha

February 11, 2010

Normally it'll be jeans with long sleeves.or jeans again with baby T & cardigan.

But since it's been a while I didn't wear baju today I'll go with those ;)
(alasan je. Actually all my clothes for this week x basuh lagi.. hahaha)

gagagaa~ ;D

Waiting 4 the car's engine to warm. yeah.. I use second hand car so the condition.. ahahaha! But hey, this car help me a lot since I study at MMU..hehe.
p/s : I'm wrinkling.. It's too hot in Cyber!! pttffff..

By the way, I have a week off from the lecturers.. it's CNY what! Excited je cam aku yang nak raye. :D excited dapat cuti je sebenarnye..kahkah.

So to all my chinese friends and those celebrating.. happy chinese new year! Enjoy yourself ;)

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