Girls Do Like Hygienic Guys. Betol Tak?

February 26, 2010

Clean, smells nice and nice to look at. In one word, hygiene is a must. Usually it's associated with girls. But for guys it is not an exception okay? Hey, girls like hygienic guys. The look boleh letak tepi dulu (ahaha!) but u must not be smelling funny/looking gross. At least, that's what I expect. Oh, Mr Boyfriend, u always smell nice. hehe!

I knew couple of guys who actually really2 care about their skins, their smells, how they don't want their hand to so rough. I think is good for them. My dad always take a good care of his skins and face and he still looks young even he's now near 50 years old. And if I have a pimple, he's the one who dragged me into the store to buy T3 lah, Oxy lah, etc2..hahaha! By the way, he's not sissy and he's a police officer plus die nampak sgt garang to other people :D

Yeah, one secret he told me, always take vitamin C when u're still young. I mean the pills vitamins not the injections please! That's how u keep your youth.

My brother, 18 years old, also have the same habits. He use facial foam, moisturizer, gel pimples and the lists keep on going..haish. He said that's how he attract girls. Haha! Is that how u guys do it nowadays? Keep a really good smooth skin and girls would come running to u? ;)
But still, some of his friends reluctant to use any skin products and laugh at him. Sometimes, it's funny though to see how he spent money to buy all the products..hihi.

And one thing, please keep your fingernails short and clean. It's a turn off for most girls to see a guy keeping long fingernails even it's only for one finger. Really it's just so disgusting!

Lastly, a drop of perfume would not hurt right? Ahaha!

By the way, now guys really seem concern about their hygienic, there are some girls who just wouldn't seem to care about theirs. Gosh! Memalukan betol la!

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