Dream House. And Please Don't Tell Yours Is One of These!

February 28, 2010

Weird homes! For u guys, what's your idea of a weird house? Is it it's windows or it's shape? or something else. I've got a few pics of weird houses around the world.

Just take a look shall we? ;)

It was built without a single symmetrical items. No straight lines, the spaces between window panes not been measured etc2. But, it happened to a tourist attraction. Oh, sorry, I don't know where this place is. Europe maybe?

How do u live in there? It's upside down and wouldn't it be weird or at least u'll feel dizzy? By looking at it I'm getting headache. haha! It's in Poland.

This one.. it's bubble-like house. For me, it's nice actually. Like igloo only it doesn't surrounded by ice!

Gosh! Is this for real? Unfortunately, it is. It was built in a private estate so basically some rich people owned it. What goes inside their heads huh? haha. By the way, u guys do know what's shape it resembles right?

It looks creepy enough. More like prisons, secret labs. Oh, I know, Frankenstein's dream house!hehe. Look like part of a castle too, don't u think?

House on a stick. I didn't make that name ok.hehe! It's for real. That's what people called it. I'm not sure how u balance that house and make sure it don't fall off the stick. When u got no furniture and stuff, u actually can consider living in it. Make it like vacation home or something, huh?

Glass house. It's not weird. Many people considering owning this type of home. Modern, I guess. But, with see-through glass all over the place, I don't think I want one. haha!

So, see anything u like? Call the agents okay?

p/s: Don't even consider my silly questions (in red) alright people. :)

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