Friday, February 26, 2010

1 Good, 1 Bad. U Choose!

Morning people! (dah pagi kan??)
Watch new movies recently? I have! Not that recent la but during the CNY break ;)
One is bad. One is awesome..hehe.

This one is the bad one. It's the remake of 1941 the Wolfman but x best la! Seriously, I don't really catch up the whole story. What I know, there's a man who is actually turned into wolf during full moon. Then, the man's dad also a wolf. And people think this man is a psycho. U all read this and u know even the plot is mixed up. I almost felt asleep! haha

Ahah! This one is best. 2 thumbs up! That kid is cute too..wakakaka ;p Ok2.. the story, u know about the myths on Greek Gods? This Percy guy is somehow one of the Gods' son. Yeah, it's a bit dangerous for little kid to watch because of the myths. But, teens and above categories, c'mon, don't tell me u believe that. nevertheless, it's fun watching and worth every ringgit. Yeah2.. Kedekut giler. Anyway, that wolfman movie, xpayah la tgk. Korang nnt rase rugi je dwet tu especially yang tgk mase weekend.haha!

But skang ni, not many interesting movie to watch. Maybe Alice in Wonderland la kot after this?
So, what about u guys? Any movie u watched lately? Bad or Awesome? tell me!

Ok, nite people! I need to revise for my mid term exams next week.

p/s : Thanx new followers ;D :D


Sabrina Halim said...

i da tngk yg lightning thief tu. sngt best! me likey. that mamat kan yg brlkon jack n bobby tu. cite time kt high school. he's such a cutie n sdah bsar now

Markjue said...

I dont watch any movies recently. Dont know why. but I love HEROES hehe..

Aiza Aidid said...

sab: cte pe tu? ahahaha.. i xprasan plak die kan.. (cm knl plak)..hehe
tp bes kan..hehe

Aiza Aidid said...

Markjue: tapi x byk choice pon nk tgk skng.. ehehe.. TV series lg best.. try Glee! hehe