Sisterhood.. I guess I'm Lucky Enough!

January 24, 2010

Hello guys! How's your weekend?

Mine actually perfect!

I went to see the Tooth Fairy with the sisters. Damn funny. I like that kind of movie.
Simple and kinda kiddo-style. But, wth rite? haha..

Too tired to type.. so just some pics ok? :)

So, who drives?? Yeah.. me :( haha!

The youngest of all..

The 2nd ones...

Of coz.. the blog owner.. and the eldest.. ;p

I'm craving to eat at Pastamania.. and I'm "using" the youngest sis to persuade the 2nd sis.
If not, she will wants to go to McD instead. Boringgggg!

And Big Apple donuts for sure! Another one of my cravings ;p

Key chain with my name. Guess who gave it to me? BF.. nope. My sis yang kecik of coz.. She gave both of her sisters that. And thanks a lot adik!

Sometimes there are people who don't get along with their siblings. To them friends are more important. Well, people! You are wrong. Your own flesh blood are damn important. Without them seriously your life means nothing at all.

p/s: I have 18 y.o bro also. But he dont want to tag along with her sisters during girls day out! ;)

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