January 12, 2010

Just a few days left before going back to MMU. But the result hasn't been released yet.

So, wish me luck people. Really need that rite now. I did all paper with my best efforts so just wait la kan.

1) The shawls I ordered had arrived today. Semalam buat payment, ari ni dapat. Bagus! hehe

2) My dad kept giving me the books. You know all his psychology books, and even SpyGuide's books?? haha! I wonder why. Maybe I like to break all the codes and puzzles kot.

3) My webcam is gone wacky somehow. Pttfff!

4) I have the syndrome of getting bored of facebook, twitter etc. Well, I guess I'm free of FB addiction huh? haha! The only site which does not give me the boredom is blogs.

5) I still need to go out to buy new handbag. But with.. alone??? huh~

6) I have the new habit now.. kept on snoozing the alarm..even it's like 15th times. Lame2 rosak hp aku.

7) Da lame x drive sendiri even my car is right in the porch!

8) Edit la banyak pic and video. Seriously, I dunno what else to do. Apart from texting and call the boyfriend. :)

testing the lappie's cam. hahahah!

the original's much better!
p/s: My current best friend.. my 12 y.o sister. Pathetic!

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