Oh.. I'm Movies-Addict

January 08, 2010

It's raining again outside. I wanna play outside but obviously I can't.

So better I blog about something, kan?

So,here are the movies I wanna watch this year.. up till today :

Tooth Fairy! ;D

Dear John. Based on novel by Nicholas Spark, so u know the based of the story right? ;)

Johnny Depp in here. Creepy!

Must watch at least one animation in a year.
Make me feel like a kiddo. haha!

The trailer is awesome. Hopefully the movie is!

Finally! yesss ;D

Romantic comedy. Doesn't hurt u if u watch once in a while. hehe

Twilight Saga fans out there. Here it comes!

So, decide what u wanna watch? U can't be working/studying through out the year without a break now can u? ;)

p/s: There are more but this is my list. Teehee!

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