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January 01, 2010

2010.. new year as everyone says. It's just a number. Nevertheless, I'm hoping this is the year for me as 2008 have been. Hopefully, better.

New resolution: I want to keep them within myself. Tak dapat wat nnt org ckp janji melayu kan.. haha.

I haven't update anything for a few days. The traffic been dropped like.. tremendously. Sorry ya readers! I'm on my vacation with the family.

To make it up to u.. here are some pics during the vacation. Yeah, forgot to mention earlier, I went To Hot Springs Resort, Perak. Well, that's what my parents choose to spend the year end days, so ikut jela. Nak cakap banyak dwet xde plak. hahaha!

the public hot pool

our private pool! muahaha :)

Finally, relax faces! hehe
This place is best. But, not to be too long there.
Because if u do, u'll probably end up doing nothing ;)

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