Let's Talk About Fear, People!

January 23, 2010

Aerophoia, dentophobia, etc etc.. all the lists of phobias in the world keep on going.

But, there are 10 most weirdest phobias.

1) Thaasophobia = the fear of sitting

2) Sophophobia - the fear of learning

3) Anablephobia = the fear of looking up

4) Phronemophobia = the fear of thinking

5) Dextraphobia/Levophobia = the fear of things at the right/left side of the body

6) Chaetophobia = the fear of hair

7) Cibophobia = the fear of food

8) Hipopotomonstosesquippededaliophobia = the fear of long words.

9) Panaphobia = the fear to everything

10) Phobophobia = the fear of fear

Taken from here.

I've always feared the dark, the cats, the lightning, the blood. But all that I've overcome.

But not my only one phobia.


Well, my phobia would be aicmophobia. It is actually the fear of sharp or pointed object. I always feel unsafe when someone carries around knife. I don't know.. but I always imagine that what if somehow that person accidentally poked me with it. Then, I start sweating and slowly ask that person to go away. But, a small blade or pocket knife wouldn't hurt me to look at it :)

The knife I'm talking about is the butcher knife or long sharp knife.. if u happen to have it around me, just please stay as far as u can. I feel like vomiting right now.

So, what's yours?

Here, you can get the lists of phobias. It is too many too be listed in my blog :)

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