Just Nice or Too Much, huh?

January 14, 2010

Ever think of what your futuristic handphone would look like?

C'mon, take a look through these pics ok.

Alarm clock like cellphone. Hmm.. ok I guess! Practical la kan..hehe

Ear-piece cellphone. I don't prefer my handphone hang on the ear like my earrings. ;)

I think the transparent keypad already in the current market right. LG handphone if I'm not mistaken.

Okay, The Flexible cellphone. Just my taste! Except you'll look like you're wearing "power rangers watch". Joking2! hehe ;)

Grass-like cell phone. This is for short -term phone plus is recyclable. Economical and environmental friendly!

Mechanical cell-phone. The easiest way to keep-in-touch when you're the kinda person who travels a lot. Not messy wires to charge..just rotate it!

Mobile Script cellphone. Too sophisticated, I guess. Not for me.

Projector cellphone. This one is very practical. For all, students, employees, business people.
No bulky laptops or OHP needed!

Pen-style cellphone. I do not want to confuse myself between the pen cellphone and the real pen. If any mistake, I might also give my cellphone to others. No way! No-no for me this type.

Weather cellphone. It changes its skins according to the weather. Cool! I want this. Hehe!

In the mean time, I just happy with what I'm having.....

my w980.. ;D

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