The I-Should-Not-Buy List

January 06, 2010

Take note people.

Things you should not buy this year (The source)

1) DVD - The top of the list huh? haha. I guess because there a growing number of sites offering downloads. Me too didn't buy any DVD since a few years ago. And since I stayed at MMU hostel.. lagi la.. download a movie just only takes 2 minutes. Save money & save time baby!

2) Home Telephone Servive - This maybe in U.S. But in Malaysia, u still need at least the line to have streamyx. Yeah yeah.. unless u're using the broadband and all ;) Other than that, almost everyone have handphone. And PC call are more worth it!

3) External Hard Drives - I myself have one actually. But why shouldn't buy? According to the source, there are lot of sites offering online backup services. But anyway, I want to use it to store all my downloaded movies.haha!

4) Smartphones - Today's tech.. Iphone, Blackberry etc. Beware of potential competitor which is Google's Android. (GOOG)

5) Compact Digital Cameras - Well, rising popularity of another type.. say hello to SLRs

* Change a bit from the original source to adapt here.

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