Each of These U Checked, It's the Worse

January 21, 2010

We all have some sort of addiction right?

Coffee addiction, junkfood addiction, shopaholics, workaholics, porn addiction? ahahaha!
Ok2.. So, the current (not so current actually), is facebook.


Ok guys, if u wanna know how bad is your addiction to facebook, just checked each one of these..
the end result will be reveal after this.

1) U look at things and start thinking that u should take pic of it to be put in FB while supposedly people snap pic as memories.

2) You keep on visiting others' profiles that u don't even know

3) You try to add as many people as u can even u don't know them in person

4) You browse through at pics of people u dont even know

5) You spend more hours in front of the laptop/PC rather than being with alive things.

6) You created an account for your 5 y.o child so u can have another extra friend.

7) You updated every 10 mins about unnecessary/annoying updates like "i'm eating now", I'm watching TV"..etc..

8) You have more than 500 friends.. except you are really that popular.

9) You always thinking about what put on your status update while you're doing something else.

10) Your top site for latest news are FB again..

11) You feel your day would not be complete if you have not logged in a day.

12) Sexual relationships are not that important anymore b'coz u've got Farmville/ Cafe to run on.

13) You're aware of facebook addiction

14) You sneaked your phone inside bags or under tables during meeting or classes to check on ur FB.

15) You have a pet named FB.

So, guys ready???

1- 5 checked : u're normal. Facebook just a way to keep in touch with people.

6 - 10 checked : u have the tendency to be addicted.

11-15 checked: U're a facebook-addict!

p/s: I have 4 checked. :)

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