A Dream Out of Thousands

January 07, 2010

I am a little girl. Hold closely your wrinkled hands.

You teach me how to look at the clock when I was 5.
You fetch me with your bicycle from the kindergarten, right on time. as always.
You bought me all these rm3 story books for me on my birthdays.
Even you're not that rich.
You tell me the world war 2 tales; how once you're become one of the nation's heroes.
I always love that tales.
You're even a great cook. Taught me everything u knew.
Once he said, "When u're older, masuk la universiti cam mama".
I am now, atok. I wish u can see me now.

That's was years ago. But last night I dream of all these. Suddenly I realized it was just a dream. And how I cursed the Alzheimer for taking away my grandpa. He's old now. 90 years old.
He still can take care of himself. Just he sometimes kept asking the same question.
But he still remembers me.

The dream I wish it's real. I guess I miss him. The old him.

p/s : he's the grandpa from my mom's side.

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