January 19, 2010

Tuesday night.
Not much work to do. Not yet actually because it's only the first week.
So, since I've got the time, I just blog.

I'm supposed to take 2 elective papers this sem. But this one particular subject according to my seniors is tough. And it scares me? not scared but put down a lil bit of my confidence towards the subject. The scary subject is FSA = financial statement analysis.

Then, I plan to replace the subject with Advance AIS (Accounting Info System). Still in a confusing situation, I simply put the status like in below image. And a lecturer commented it. Haiyo! hahaha

Those are comments between me and one of the lecturer.

Final decision made, I dropped FSA and replace it with Adv AIS.
Other subjects are;

-Advance Management Acc
-Forensic Acc
- Securities Investments & Portfolios Management
-Company Law

Altogether, there are six. And if I'm lazy this sem.... well u'll know what happen when u're supposed to work hard for total of 20 credit hours and u didn't. So, good luck, myself!

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