Which Face R You?

December 22, 2009

Faces all around the exam hall.

Happy. Sad. Frustrated. Excited. Neutral??? Neural means.. no komen, xtaw la.. tah la..

What about me? Lets just said.. it's tough..like really advanced audit paper. Really hopeful it’ll be okay.Okay is more than enough for paper like Professional Ethics.

One more paper to go. And then holidays 3 weeks.Will update soon ok guys.. with the plans for the break.I've gotta lotsa them..teehee :D

Hah! I forgot one more thing. I hate invigilators that supposed to go round the exam hall but instead of that they are making noises..such as answering the phone and talk with such annoying voice. Hello!! people are trying to answer exam paper y'know.. haih.

p/s: Emo sket. Exam week. Ignore me. :)

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