Ups and Downs

December 31, 2009

Today is the last day of the year. 2009. And also happens to be my parent's anniversary. Their 8030 days. (convert it yourself pls..hehe)

- just normal year for me.
- 2nd year of my degree. and now I've finished my 2nd year.
- I am officially 21. ;)
- I've had the chances of meeting up the boyfriend a few times this year. Grateful for that ;)
- Meeting the girls of my practicum ( matrix class). Happy!
- The best birthday.. not many people but full of loved ones. Just the way I like.
- New handphone..hahaha!
- my result.. maintained.. alhamdullilah.
-This year ended with family vacation to Hot Springs Resort, Perak.

One thing I've learned in this year:
- Friends do come and go. And I now understand the meaning of real friendship. It's okay I don't have a lot of friends. It's okay I'm not popular. But the friends I have now is more than enough.

So, good bye 2009 and welcome 2010..
Please be a very nice year for me ;)

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