Thursday, December 10, 2009

Superbusy Week is So Yesterday


Yes, I dont smile a lot. I DO laugh like hell..haha
See, that's what happened to me when I have finished the superbusy week mode. For this post, u guys wanna know what I've been blabbing around telling most every1 I knew that I was busy last week?

Here it is..


For my previous post I did mentioned something about my project for Cyberpreneurship subject right? So above are the some of the pics of my "employees" (haha.. no lah.. my groupmates, during the operation days). Yes, we do set up a small booth selling pastries. My regular customers.. well are the lecturers..some would buy more than 4.. and gives xtra tips..wahaha!
So, the friends whom missed my booth, sorry, u're not able to taste the delicious tarts and brownies..hehe. To those whom came buy and support, millions of thanx!! hehe

the CEO.. hahaha

It's damn tiring. Getting the suppliers, driving to get the materials and equipment.. bla bla bla..
But it's kinda fun. Maybe one day, i'll have real business on my own. If I fed-up working in audit firm.. (ckp cam dpt keje kat audit firm..but hopefully i will..hihi)

Actually, that caption.. it's a joke. I'm counting the profit actually.. hehe ($_$)
And, we make quite a lot of profit for our business.. That's really worth it!

So, all the presentations are done, and so do the assignments.
All I need to be worry is the finals. Wish me luck people.. ;)


cik doe=) said...

gud luck 4 the final girl......gaye dah mcm sedang jdi CEO.hehe.moge kamu dapt hndle bisnes sendri mcm yg kamu nak!

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. xnk la kn wat bsns.. ni just project 4 1 sbjct ni..hehe

ahaha.. thanx ek =))

cik doe=) said...