Stare at Them, Pick Them Now

December 25, 2009

First - Natural born leader, High achiever, On-Time, Responsible, Bossy, Know-It-All, Organized, Adult-pleaser, Obeys the Rules

Second- Flexible, Easy-Going, Peace-Maker, Independent, Secretive, Social, May Feels Life Unfair, Strong negotiator, Generous

Last- Risk-taker, Outgoing, Creative, Self-centered, Financially irresponsible, Competitive, Bored easily, Likes to be pampered, Sense of Humour

So which one do u like? And most of it.. which one r u like? hehe

First born child.. Seems perfectionist yet intimidating. Sounds bored too and way too mature.
Well guess what.. I am the eldest. haha! And yes, I admit, most of it quite true.

But I don't always obey the rules.. well.. not during my teens days to be exact..hehe ;D
Bossy.. yes maybe.. but I rather call it 'bullying". See, the thing is, I always ask my youngest sister to take anything for me. Yeah..yeah bossy big sister I am.. But I'm her favorite sister!! Ask her if u don't believe..hehe
Usually I would ask her to take the drinks in the fridge for me, take my car keys, play games with me.. ;)

Know-it-all?? I'm not that perfect. This maybe happens because I have more experienced than my siblings do. But doesn't make me right all the time. And all of u, 1st born child out there. Doesn't mean u're the eldest u knows everything ok! Your other siblings have feelings 2 ;)

Ok, what else.. on-time, yup.. i don't like being late, natural leader?? since when.. i only lead my group for assignments..hehe. High achiever.. insyaallah ;) Organized? Yeah maybe..I am.

See, u guys know something about me.. And u can self check yourself too huh?

us.. 10 years ago..1999

us.... now.. recently.. current.. 2009 pics

See, no matter what no r u in ur family, your siblings do complete you. I love having them! Seriously :)

p/s : And I found someone who have the "LAST" traits and I love HIM.. despite the different traits we have. It balances I guess..hehe

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