PDA... Gross!

December 20, 2009

Holding hands.. oh sweetsss!
Quick peck on the cheeks.. yes!!!
Bear hug.. cute ;)

Well.. all above are A okay with me.. even when u're in public. But there are still people who don't bother to set a limit on their privacy. Lip-locking, groping each other what-so-ever and your tongue at each others' throats, in the middle of the crowd? That's for me.. triple gross!

What for u want to show to the world of your love affairs? Believe us, we don't want to know..furthermore to have the experience of looking at it. Urghh!

So, now, I want to check out the couple at the cafe near my room.. are they already done with their business there? My eyes are sore with the views..haha! For god sake's we're in CAMPUS people!

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